Friday, February 6, 2009

The Winner of "The Niche Blogger" Bloggygiveaway Contest Is

Congrats goes to comment Ginny. Ginny is the winner of one month membership of "niche blogger"! I’ve just sent a direct message to Ginny via email. She has 24 hours to reply to it. If she doesn’t reply within that 24 hour window, I’ll be drawing another winner.

Thanks to everyone who entered. The contest was a lot of fun and did a great job of commenting. I will be doing another contest here soon so please come back and check it out.

Once again, congrats to Everyone and Ginny for entering the bloggy giveaway contest.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Free Giveaway Again!

It's time for another Keep It SEO Simple free giveaway. To start this free giveaway we have teamed up with Bloggy Giveaway. So for our first free giveaway went fairly well, but we are hoping to really blow this free giveaway away. So Keep It SEO Simple has decided to giveaway to one lucky winner a free one month membership to the Niche Blogger (valued at $19.95)! (What else did you expect now, really?)

Bloggy Giveaways Quarterly Carnival Button

That's right if you don't know what the niche blogger is all about. Well, the bottom line it's a solid business plan for the average to just starting out blogger. Being real with you how many people do you know that are making serious money by blogging?

So you might be asking how do I get started? What should I blog about? Or how in the world can I blog and make money doing it. You will be getting all your answers and more with a free one month membership to the niche blogger.

This is a simple step by step guide and simply outlined for you to GUARANTEE financial success.... AND PLENTY OF IT!

Now that you know what KEEP IT SEO SIMPLE is giveaway let's explain how to enter this free giveaway.

I'm giving away one free month membership to the niche blogger (valued at $19.95) to one lucky reader.

So the rules to how to enter and win the niche blogger (valued at $19.95):

1. Leave a comment with a valid e-mail address for me to contact you. Also, if you would like please check out the niche blogger and let me know why this program would be a great fit for you and your blog.

2. Subscribe to my feed and please let me know that you subscribed.

3. You need to one of the following:

Contest open to ALL bloggers and non bloggers and ends on Friday evening, Jan. 30th 2009. I will announce the winner and contact them the weekend of Feb. 1st.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Simple How To Find Quality Links To Benefit Your Next Link Building Campaign

How to use search engines to benefit your link building campaigns. Here is a simple how to when it comes to searching for basic and quality website that will fit within your niche. Here is it step by step of how to search for quality sites.

  • Decide what specific terms best describe your niche
  • Continue to try to use and narrow down different keywords to focus on
  • Once you have figure out the keywords you decide which of the top search engines you would want to use these search commands for prospects.
  • Than go to those search engines type in allinurl:"your keyword"
    (obviously replace "your keyword" with your specific keywords that you're targeting)
This is a simple how to find quality links to benefit your next link campaign. Using these simple steps will help launch and improve your search of serious and quality links. If your interested in more quality links ideas please leave a comment below.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Win-Win Approach To Internet Marketing

The Win-Win Approach To Internet Marketing

The business and Internet marketing worlds are typically fast-paced cutthroat worlds wherein everyone looks out for himself, and day-to-day actions are done with seemingly no care for anyone else. Oftentimes, everyone is out to get as large a piece of the market as they can manage, regardless of the consequences to any other contender in the business world. Such is the harsh nature of Internet marketing, and it is a scenario that we have come to expect as par for the course. It may seem a bit strange then that anyone would suggest the merits of adopting a win-win approach to business and Internet marketing which is what we are doing here.

What you have to realize first of all is that win-win does not necessarily involve “playing nice” for its own sake, nor is it meant to solve any business or Internet marketing related concerns instantly. Instead, it is a long-term character blueprint for determining how you interact and collaborate with other people.

The win-win approach is not really all that outlandish when you think about it. After all, all businesses rely on a certain degree of interaction and cooperation with everyone involved. “No man is an island” as the well-worn saying goes, and this applies to business and Internet marketing just as much as it does to many other aspects of life.

Nevertheless, many of us have been conditioned to see business as a cutthroat competition, where success often comes as at the cost of someone else’s failure. What the win-win mentality involves however is the realization that this “all or nothing” approach does not have to be the only way to conduct a business. Instead, it relies on cooperation between all participants in a way that results in the good of everyone concerned. Just as the name implies, everyone in a win-win scenario gets to have a piece of the pie.

The win-win approach to conducting business requires a few qualities from the people involved, most notably: integrity, maturity, and a belief in abundance. Integrity involves staying true to the values and commitments that you have set for yourself. Maturity is the ability to express ideas with courage and at the same time with consideration for the other people involved. As for abundance, it is the belief that there are more than enough rewards for everyone to partake in.

When you apply the win-win approach to Internet marketing, you basically discard the notion that you either have to be cold hearted and brutal to succeed, and that being the nice guy means that you will end up last. The win-win mentality instead relies you to play both roles, but always with the other person in mind. It actually involves a constant balancing act between being confident and courageous enough to do what is necessary to get the job done, but also being considerate of the goals and feelings of the other people in the business, whether they are your partners, your co-workers, your employees or your customers. When you manage to achieve this, everyone wins.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What are you Thankful For This Thanksgiving?

In a time where the TV, the news, the newspapers, and practically every media is very skeptical...this is a great time to reflect on your what your truly thankful for this Thanksgiving.

When paint a full picture of your family life, daily life, and even your business life within being thankful (instead of complaining or thinking the worst about the news) Very quickly you can find a positive just about anywhere and everywhere if you dig down deep enough within your true heart of thankfulness. you frame your daily life, your business and your family in ?thankfulness? - it is easier to remain positive and upbeat. Today I wanted to share with you some simple examples of how I turn potentially negative things into the positive.

(and YES - You should try to stay positive and thankful all the time!)

* I am thankful for my family!
* I am thankful for my house that the Lord has provided for my family!
* I am thankful for job and forgive me for when I complain and nag about it!
* I am thankful for background and experiences that have brought me to where I am today!
* I am thankful for technology and especially the internet!
* I am thankful for my friends and support that always surround me in the good and bad times!
* I am thankful for when people correct me, because this humbles me in my pride fullness!
* I am thankful for the people that are reading this...and may it only give you a spirit of thankfulness as well.
* I am thankful for the health that God has blessed my family with especially our little one.
* I am thankful for a side business that helps me give more money away to worthy causes for the sake of Jesus Christ and His Good News!!
* And most of all? I am thankful for the simple things in life that in a busy day I don't stop and think about that God sees fit to bless me with!

By thinking within the big picture of life though at times may feel unnatural but in return could make days of differences for ALL! Choose to be thankful not only this Thanksgiving for each and every day even for the simplest things. And just remember how truly blessed we all really are even in a crazy up and down world that we live in today!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Free Articles Giving Away Free Niche Articles

This time we are entering the Bloggy Giveway.

First your asking what is the bloggy giveaway...well.

Bloggy Giveaways Quarterly Carnival Button

It's a great list of giveaways you have to check it's truly amazing.

Well, here is what I am planning to give away. I will give away 5 unique quality niche articles. That's right this could go on any blog, website, newsletter it could be anything. You tell me the topics to write about and I will pass along 5 unique quality niche articles for your personal blog or site!

It's just that take advantage of this free offer. You will need to check out Niche Blogger and leave a comment by tell me some of your thoughts what you liked of this site. Also, leave a comment by sharing what topics you would probably be interested in having free unique articles written about.

Oh lastly if you also would be so kind to give me a little vote on the small button to the lower right that would be much appreciated as well.

If you have any questions or would be interested in any more unique articles written for a free quote today contact me at sacredmpp(at)gmail(dot)com!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

An Epic Fued Continues With The Panda Loving John Chow Against Skilled Player Jeremy Shoe Money

An Epic Fued | Skilled Shoemoney vs. Panda Lover John Chow | Blogging Worth Your Money

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past year or so, there is no way that you could have missed hearing about the Mcain/Obama fight for the presidency that has had the entire nation on the edge of their collective seats. Every the media positively bombards us with in depth coverage of the battle and the nation seemingly can’t get enough. It is a battle of epic proportions to be sure and the world waits with bated breath to see which of these fearsome gladiators will come out on top of the heap when the smoke and the rubble from the battle clears.

Over on cyberspace there is another war that is brewing just as hot and heavy and for the assorted web geeks and cyber denizens it is a battle that is probably even more hotly contested than the presidential race. What are we talking about here? Why, it is the battle for RSS supremacy fought between John Chow and Shoemoney of course! Each of these giants of the online world are formidable blogging titans in their own right and it is only inevitable that they would butt heads at one point or another. Make no mistake; while this is really a friendly rivalry more than anything, you can bet that each of these two contenders are dead serious about winning out over the other.

The competition involves seeing which of the two can get more readers to subscribe to their blog. Since each of these two blogs definitely have a healthy share of readers and their owners are certainly no slouches in the blogging business, you can bet that the results will be interesting to say the least. Shoemoney and Chow are not known for backing down from the challenge and they are prepared to pull out all the stops and take whatever steps are necessary in order to subject their rival to a humiliating defeat!

The two have actually been involved in various friendly competitions for a good number of years now, one of the most notable of which was the marketing challenge for who could get the most number of subscribers for the month of October of 2007. What was the price of that competition? The loser had to post a link on their own blog to their rival’s web site explaining why the winner was a better marketer! Oh, the shame! The humiliation! But alas, such is the fiercely competitive and bloody world of blogging and this new contest is certainly not going to be any less brutal! So if you want to see which of these blogging giants reigns supreme over all and which of them will slink away with his tail between his legs, forever forced to live out the rest of his days in abject shame and humiliation–until the next friendly competition that is!–keep watching this space! We warn you though; keep the smelling salts handy and get the children to bed…it’s going to be a battle of epic proportions!
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