Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What are you Thankful For This Thanksgiving?

In a time where the TV, the news, the newspapers, and practically every media is very skeptical...this is a great time to reflect on your what your truly thankful for this Thanksgiving.

When paint a full picture of your family life, daily life, and even your business life within being thankful (instead of complaining or thinking the worst about the news) Very quickly you can find a positive just about anywhere and everywhere if you dig down deep enough within your true heart of thankfulness. you frame your daily life, your business and your family in ?thankfulness? - it is easier to remain positive and upbeat. Today I wanted to share with you some simple examples of how I turn potentially negative things into the positive.

(and YES - You should try to stay positive and thankful all the time!)

* I am thankful for my family!
* I am thankful for my house that the Lord has provided for my family!
* I am thankful for job and forgive me for when I complain and nag about it!
* I am thankful for background and experiences that have brought me to where I am today!
* I am thankful for technology and especially the internet!
* I am thankful for my friends and support that always surround me in the good and bad times!
* I am thankful for when people correct me, because this humbles me in my pride fullness!
* I am thankful for the people that are reading this...and may it only give you a spirit of thankfulness as well.
* I am thankful for the health that God has blessed my family with especially our little one.
* I am thankful for a side business that helps me give more money away to worthy causes for the sake of Jesus Christ and His Good News!!
* And most of all? I am thankful for the simple things in life that in a busy day I don't stop and think about that God sees fit to bless me with!

By thinking within the big picture of life though at times may feel unnatural but in return could make days of differences for ALL! Choose to be thankful not only this Thanksgiving for each and every day even for the simplest things. And just remember how truly blessed we all really are even in a crazy up and down world that we live in today!
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