Sunday, January 25, 2009

Free Giveaway Again!

It's time for another Keep It SEO Simple free giveaway. To start this free giveaway we have teamed up with Bloggy Giveaway. So for our first free giveaway went fairly well, but we are hoping to really blow this free giveaway away. So Keep It SEO Simple has decided to giveaway to one lucky winner a free one month membership to the Niche Blogger (valued at $19.95)! (What else did you expect now, really?)

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That's right if you don't know what the niche blogger is all about. Well, the bottom line it's a solid business plan for the average to just starting out blogger. Being real with you how many people do you know that are making serious money by blogging?

So you might be asking how do I get started? What should I blog about? Or how in the world can I blog and make money doing it. You will be getting all your answers and more with a free one month membership to the niche blogger.

This is a simple step by step guide and simply outlined for you to GUARANTEE financial success.... AND PLENTY OF IT!

Now that you know what KEEP IT SEO SIMPLE is giveaway let's explain how to enter this free giveaway.

I'm giving away one free month membership to the niche blogger (valued at $19.95) to one lucky reader.

So the rules to how to enter and win the niche blogger (valued at $19.95):

1. Leave a comment with a valid e-mail address for me to contact you. Also, if you would like please check out the niche blogger and let me know why this program would be a great fit for you and your blog.

2. Subscribe to my feed and please let me know that you subscribed.

3. You need to one of the following:

Contest open to ALL bloggers and non bloggers and ends on Friday evening, Jan. 30th 2009. I will announce the winner and contact them the weekend of Feb. 1st.
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