Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tech Bubble...When Is It Coming Next

Really enjoyed the blogging section on this song!!

Song Quote:

Blog blog blog it all
Blog it if it's big or small

Blog at the cineplex
Blog while you're having sex

Blog in the locker room
Babies blogging in the womb

Blog even if you're wrong
Won't you blog about this song?

Well, that's what we did...especial thanks to The Richter Scale for creating this very special video with the great taste by the tune of "We Didn’t Start The Fire".

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Jim Westergren Leaves SEO

Jim Westergren is leaving the SEO scene, that's right the owner of many successful SEO websites and was running his own site "Jim Westergren
SEO Fusion represented the non-Swedish part of my company. I am very happy to announce that I have just finalized a deal with the british SEM company Epiphany Solutions Ltd which will help me reach the new life I strive for as well as turning over a big part of the company to someone elses hands to take good care of.

This deal includes the very popular directory list with it’s service, the Smart Link Building service, my three directories (, and as well as 34 other web sites used for marketing purposes to clients.

Jim Westergren completed sold out all his sites and services to Epiphany Solutions who will be able to take care all the SEO work from here on out. It's sort of sad to see Jim Westergren leave the SEO scene, but I know he will do and wonderful things as a writer as well.

Monday, October 15, 2007

More Inappropriate Nude Images Found on Google News Home Page

What is going on with Google and these pictures. Read the complete article of "More Inappropriate Nude Images Found on Google News Home Page" at SE Roundtable!!

What is happening over at Google these days!?!? I would not have believed it unless I saw it with my own two eys...

Monday, September 24, 2007

No Sex, No Friends, Just Give Us The Web

The Americans and American culture is completely turning before our eyes. With more and more Americans today surfing the web and practicially to the point of obession. It's so far that many Americans feel that they can not go a weekend with out the web or to even try to take the cell phone away for the weekend.

In a recent survey it was stated that one in three Americans would rather giving up friends and sex for the Web. That's right SEX, people are giving up SEX to spend time on the web.

"People told us how anxious, isolated and bored they felt when they are forced off line," said Ann Mack, director of trend spotting at JWT, which conducted the survey to see how technology was changing people's behavior.

Some would go on to say, "They felt disconnected from the world, from their friends and family."

Where or what does this really say about our culture and society today?

Americans Saving Too Little These Days And Forever

Americans don't save

In 2005, Americans saved -0.5% of their money in their banking accounts; in 2006, Americans saved -1.0 % of their money in banks. In previous years, the only time they saved less than that was 1933, with -1.5%. As you may know, America was in the Great Depression that year.

Thanks to Funny Statistics for this funny statistic and quality information and the sad fact is it's true!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Here Is An Revolutionary Idea

So while surfing the web today, it was very interesting to continue to see this word "revolutionary" being tossed around through a few different avenues. Let's just take for starters the meaning of revolutionary - 1 a: of, relating to, or constituting a revolution <revolutionary war> b: tending to or promoting revolution revolutionary party> c: constituting or bringing about a major or fundamental change <revolutionary styling> revolutionary new product>2capitalized : of or relating to the American Revolution or to the period in which it occurred.

Though, the whole interesting part about this word revolutionary is that I found it quickly used in two popular blogs just in the past few days. The most interesting fact of the matter is that in one particular blog it continues to stress the value and how important words are and can be in headlines and more. In this blog "
Is Hype Good?", James Brausch continues to stress words that are the most valuable. You would not believe what the highest valued word come about to be....that's right it was "revolutionary" scoring the second highest at 47, while the only higher scoring valued word was Paradigm-shifting at 72. We can not forget to that the word "incredible" was tied with "revolutionary" at 47.

So what does all this mean? Well, let's look at my second example. While visiting, one of it his latest blog posts is Are These Wordpress Themes Really Revolutionary? and there is that word "revolutionary" again. To much of a suprise this word revolutionary seems to have a theme going around on the web.

It seems that many people are using this word "revoluationary" to levelage and gain more attention to there blogs, products, and posts. So maybe next time you think about making a new product, service, or something. Make sure it's a revolutionary idea, product, etc!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Amazing SEO News That Covers It ALL

SEO News, keep yourself up to date on all the SEO news globally, breaking news, and so much more.

* AP Breaking News
News from one of the world wide leaders in breaking news. AP has been called the source of all daily news. Most big tech news outlets use delayed AP news.
Interface: 4 of 5 (The stories are neatly arranged with titles very easy to read)

* Reuters ¦ Breaking News from Around the Globe
Internet news from Reuters. The other big daily news machine. Timely and always up to date with breaking news.
Interface: 4 of 5 (The stories are neatly arranged with titles very easy to read and it's a fast loading page.)

* NewsNow: NewsLink Search Engines
The search engine category at NewsNow is very good and timely. They don't miss much and have some stories you won't find anywhere else.
Interface: 1 of 5. The interface is quite slow and bloated with javascript. Stories are on meta redirects. Pain to use.

* Rocketinfo - News Search Engine
Probably the best kept secret on the net for finding news. Use the advanced interface to search for search engine news stories. The only draw back here is that the same story will be listed dozens upon dozens of times. There is no clustering of the same story, so all the sites that carry AP or Reuters distributed news get a listing (ugh).
Interface: 4 of 5. Micro font problem. It's still easy to use, but over eager css makes it hard to read.

* The Virtual Acquisition Shelf & News Desk
Gary Prices research, data, and search engine news tracker. Features extremely timely articles. Often first with big stories. Updated daily
Interface: 3 of 5. Stories have little or confusing separation with blood red for a link color that over powers the page (sorry Gary). The rest of the page is very clean and noise free.

* Company News
This link is to Wall Street Research Net company news (Link is to Yahoo news). They have a great stock tracker where you can follow news about public companies. They often have stories covered no where else. It is most business oriented news. They cover about the last month worth of news for each company.
Interface: 4 of 5. The story titles are quite easy to read. There are quite a few graphics and ads in to the top and left, but with the story titles so easy to spot, it can be over looked.

* NewsLinx Web News
Tech news from They take weekends off but have 30-40 hand picked articles a day from traditional tech news outlets. They also have one of the few good archive news systems of any of the scrapers.
Interface: 4 of 5. The story titles are very easy to read with good separation between stories. However, it *is* and they always have too many ads. It's page spam city with 4 graphic ads and 40 link ads and a couple of boxes. That said, it is still better than it used to be. It makes for a very slow loading page most week days.

* News Is Free: Internet
A great deal of foreign blog news. I find it is rare to find a good story here. From time-to-time they have something. Use the search feature to cut through the high volume of noise.
Interface: 1 of 5. Yet another site with good content layered under a noisy hard to read and use interface.

* Fagan Finder
A nice blog style search engine news tracker. Everything is nicely categorized.
Interface: 3 of 5. Fast loading, but hard to read colors with light blue links on light blue background.

* Google Weblog
Aaron Swartz's Google blog. Good timely info updated with new stories a couple times a week.
Interface: 5 of 5. Well separated stories with good titles in a default browser font and no link tricks (nice work).

* Portals and Search Engines
Mostly a repackage of AP and Reuters news. Very slow to update. You'll have to dig through some stuff such as the cbs marketwatch stuff (is that paid advertising?), but it's good for a weekly overview.
Interface: 4 of 5. easy to use and well laid out. Touch too many ads, but you can always find the headlines and go.

* SearchEngineBlog
Fairly easy to follow story links that are updated daily. Definitely one to watch.
Interface: 4.25 of 5. Fonts are just a smidge small for my taste, but still readable with great use of white space to separate stories (a tidbit overlooked by too many other sites)

* ResearchBuzz
Timely data, news, search, and research stories with brief reviews and comments about articles. It's a nice distillation that helps put some context on the news. (subscribe to 'extra' for the best stuff).
Interface: 4.5 of 5. Very easy to use and follow. Minor complaints: touch of small fonts, links not underlined, and no left border between brown stripe and content - I can live with it.

* Pandia Good articles and timely. Occasionally find some Euro stories no one else is covering.
Interface: 4 of 5. Very easy to read and well laid out with no nonsense.

* SearchEngineWorld Breaking News Easy to read standard links with timely article links. Updated daily. (can I say that without sounding suspect ;-)
Interface: 4 of 5. A bit dated in look and feel, but easy to use and fast.

* WebmasterWorld Timely news and discussion around major search engine and industry news events. Included for completeness sake.
Interface: 4.5 of 5. Very easy to use and read with user definable skins.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Bobcats And Domains

The Charlotte Bobcats finally brake into simple branding and into a simple web address.

The expansion team Charlotte Bobcats for the first three seasons were using a longer domain name and there official site could be found at The reason for this being that the owner of belonged to a Montana real bobcat breeder.

Barbara Roe owns Bitterroot Bobcat and Lynx in Stevensville, Mont., and had the rights to the Web site name for 10 years. She says team officials began asking her in 2004 about buying the rights, but the early offer of a couple thousand dollars wasn't enough. Roe says they have agreed to pay about $50,000. I believe for an NBA team $50,000 was still pretty low if you ask me, but if Barbara Roe is happy, and all the bobcat fans rather NBA teams or the real bobcats...let it be.

Roe now uses the domain name

Charlotte Bobcats president Fred Whitfield says the team is glad to have the rights.

The NBA team's new marketing campaign also includes the slogan "Elevate," new uniforms, and a new secondary logo.

Monday, September 17, 2007

The Truth Be Told About Linking

All you keep hearing is link exchange, trade this link, do that, and build links. Well, the truth be told is that it's all about the relevance, quality, and how the link is show on the site. It really does not matter if Millions over night basic sites link to you this kind of action could easily get you banned from google or if not banned really hurt your chances.

What the Search Engines are looking for is a normal way of your site growing popularity and other sites finding your and thinking it's a positive resource and will link to your site.

Here is the complete truth being told about linking:

1. If you are a lasik eye site and another lasik surgery site links to you, this will add a positive boost because of the relevance of the sites. Now for example i you have a basketball site and soccer site links to yours...more or less it's not as relvant and not as good as having link from the same topic.
2. Let's say your site is all about window blinds and the link to your site is like this window blinds that will give you a boost because the link is a search term.
3. This is a must and g is really cracking down hard on this one. But, your site popularity or links need to come at a slow steady natural pace. Compared to the overnight wondering of getting tons of links.
4. Lastly, if you can pull of a link to internal pages of your site, as well as your home page, this is like a huge bonus that willl give your site deepth and looking deep.

Friday, September 14, 2007

SEO Simple Thoughts

SEO Simple Thoughts

Some Polish President is not really enjoy the internet so much these days. Especially after a 23year old Polish man is facing 3 years in prison for ranking his president #1 for penis. The news first came up on a Polish newspaper “Gazeta Wyborcza” (website is in Polish language)

What to know some of the "nicest blokes in SEO"

Fifty Most Influential Bloggers - Why do you need to know who they are? Because if you want to see the shape of blogging future, the trends that show us where blogging is heading, then these are the "Most Influential Bloggers" to watch and listen to. Their success stories hold for us a key to and an inspiration for our own success.

You can not forget about David my friend you have done it again. Not only is David Airey the best logo designer he is throwing "THEE" biggest online blog competitions I have ever seen. The just of it is that this is his first Blog Aniversary and so he has gathered some of the most amazing items as prizes for the winners (this would be a bloggers dream come true to win!).

Come on really did they think they had a chance or a case. American Blind and Wallpaper Factory agreed to settle its four-year-old trademark dispute with Google out of court. American Blind had filed one of the first trademark cases revolving around Google's AdWords practices concerning trademarks, but it wasn't the last, and there are more in the works. Don't expect the search engine giant to change its behavior any time soon, however.

When is google going to update pagerank again? When is google's next update? Well Matt Cutts with some insight on this matter and more. Did you know that Matt Cutts was part of the Digital Point Forum? Matt Cutts knows his stuff, and you should check out this post if nothing esle.

It's always good to go back to College. SEO Basics is the only place I can think of going back to school. This is the best place to start when seriously beginning SEO work and helps you refresh yourself with the website SEO basics. This means making sure that each individual page is compliant with search engine standards and ready to be indexed correctly. Follow each of the steps below for each page on your site.

So say your trying to learn a little more about link building. So for the average person your going to head over to google and search "link building". So google than shows you two of the top ten results. To the disbelieve you find two top articles that were posted back in 131 (Legitimate) Link Building Strategies posted back in 2002 and The Art of Advanced Link Building posted in 2003. Come on, do you think link building has changed in the past few guesses not or maybe they are just hiding something from you. Nevertheless, these are both must read link building articles.

Keep It SEO Simple

Keep It SEO Simple!

Now this video is probably what has been wrote about, talked about, and continues to be the focus. It's honestly not rocket science, it's just a little work, and continue to do the little fundamental SEO work.

Listen and watch about simple SEO below...

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Biggest Online Blog Competitions I Have Ever Seen

This is one of the biggest, best, blog competitions that I have ever seen! I can hardly believe what I am seeing. This is just nuts! You can not be serious David Airey. You mean your giving away all this stuff. All, I want to know is how did you work out these kinds of deals?

Well, David my friend you have done it again. Not only is David Airey the best
logo designer he is throwing "THEE" biggest online blog competitions I have ever seen. The just of it is that this is his first Blog Aniversary and so he has gathered some of the most amazing items as prizes for the winners (this would be a bloggers dream come true to win!):

  1. from David Airey himself. He says “Add a touch of professionalism to your business with one of my logo designs”.

  2. from Nate Whitehill, this guy has been doing many great themes, from JohnChow to

  3. from Maki of Dosh Dosh. Now this is something I really need

  4. from John Boardley of . I would say “yes please” to a dedicated server.

  5. by Lorelle VanFossen of . If I don’t win, I will be putting this on my shopping list

  6. from Tara Roskell of Graphic Design Blog. You only need to visit to realise that Tara really knows a lot about great design.

  7. from Randa Clay of Randa Clay Design. If you want some expert advice on how to , you won’t be disappointed by this offering.

  8. with Lyndon Antcliff of Cornwall SEO.

  9. courtesy of Darren Rowse of ProBlogger.

  10. from Jonathan-C. Phillips of . Jonathan has donated his expert skills to help your blog stand out from the crowd.

  11. with Daniel Scocco of . This consultation will cover design, SEO, monetization and blogging strategy, from the author of one of blogging’s most useful resources.

  12. (personal package) from Brian Gardner, and consultant. Brian’s WordPress skills are second to none.

  13. published on Make It Great! with Phil Gerbyshak. The man to ‘make it great’ will and feature you on his very own PR5 blog.

  14. Behringer Podcastudio USB Podcasting Kit, kindly donated by . Looking for a new way to express yourself?

  15. $25 via PayPal courtesy of Gayla McCord of . Free money! Who doesn’t want ? Very kind of you Gayla.

  16. 2GB USB storage key x 3 courtesy of Jamie Clague at . Three USB sticks will make up three separate prizes, with free worldwide postage. Jamie, , has also kindly donated his valuable time to helping with the prize draw administration.

  17. published on Blog-Op with Chris Lodge. Chris knows how to piece together an excellent , giving you an added insight into the impression your website is giving.

  18. from Aaron Russell of miLienzo. Aaron has been coding for a while now and certainly knows his stuff where blog design is concerned.

  19. from Lakshmi Mareddy of Chilligavva. Have you ever had any ideas for your blog that you haven’t been able to incorporate? Lakshmi has kindly agreed to offer her , helping you out with either code or graphics.

  20. Blog review from Hock Ng of . Hock will focus his review on your .

  21. Blog makeover from Charles Jordan of The Queer Chef. Charles is proficient with , and can also . He’ll tantalise your taste buds with one of his blog makeovers.

  22. with Ben Yoskovitz of Instigator Blog. Ben has offered his expertise to review 3–5 of your articles, providing tips and giving suggestions on writing, plus a quick and how you can benefit from it.

  23. Two 45 minute coaching consultations with Mark McGuinness of . Mark specialises in , and is a real expert in his field. The first session will involve goal setting, with the second session reporting on progress and making adjustments.

  24. 4 hour business growth consultation with Rebecca Caroe, via telephone / Skype, or face-to-face in London / Cambridge. Rebecca is a for creative agencies, so if you’re looking to then this is the prize for you. If you want Rebecca to visit your offices simply pay her travel expenses.

  25. Tele-Coaching with Tammy Lenski. A one-hour, private telephone consult with Tammy Lenski. Figure out how to deal with a challenging client, strengthen your , or confront difficult conversations with more confidence and success. Free call within the U.S., via Skype outside the U.S.

  26. One hour with Design Translator (DT) of Design Sojourn. Whether you’re launching a line of t-shirts, custom furniture, electronics, or any other product, DT will lend you his .

  27. with Easton Ellsworth of . You choose, do you want to generally improve your blog or do you want help making money from it? Easton has kindly offered his help.

  28. Two premium quality books designed and produced by David Hyde of . John Hinchcliffe, internationally acclaimed designer-maker, is the subject of the richly illustrated first of two . Crafts in the 20th Century is the second book kindly donated by David.

  29. Copy of by Brad VanAuken of The Blake Project. Brand Aid is a practical how-to guide on building . Derrick Daye was kind enough to offer this great prize.

  30. Watercolour print from Ed Roach Watercolours. Ed has quite a talent, and will graciously ship your favourite print from his watercolour studio.

  31. 728px by 90px banner ad for 30 days above the fold on , courtesy of Sara. This is quite a new , but already there are approximately 5,000 posts! You must supply your own artwork.

  32. 125px by 125px image ad for 30 days on . An excellent donation from , Jonathan.

  33. Ad icon located site-wide in the top left of , courtesy of Chris Lodge. Another kind gift from a fellow .

  34. 30 day text link ad shown site-wide on . This is a great way to . Blogging is about giving something back, so get your contest featured.

  35. 125px by 125px image ad for 30 days on . Another superb offering from Jonathan a.k.a

  36. Lifetime membership to the paid membership site that Andy Beard, and , will launch on (eta and value yet to be determined).

I can not believe it! If you would like to join the contest or just find out more you can click here, but remember you need to get in before September 26th, so do it now! Man, some one is not only going to be a lucky person, but a pretty happy camper come Sept 26th!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Link Marketing

Link marketing or web linking is a pop form of advertising on the Internet. Typically, it involves the process of connecting one’s website to another through links or a series of backlinks. Usually a new entrant or a website with lesser traffic is the one engaged in link marketing. The new entrant places an advertisement in a host site holding related information, products or services to avail of the host website’s guaranteed traffic volume. In return, the host website benefits from the new entrant’s traffic as well. Once the website is linked to a host website, the linking website in a way becomes a part of it. And should the host website carry a priority rank in search engines, the linking website inherits the same importance in the crawl of search engine spider. Once a relevant search is made, the website will most likely stay on the first few pages of relevant search results.

Some Link Marketing programs can be purchase while others are free. However, buying a paid link tends to be very risky because you may end up dealing with a scam. But if the link turns out to be genuine, then your website will benefit from it because of the increased traffic that could ensue in just a couple of days. Finding a website that would accept links is not difficult because there are link management services available on the internet. What is important is for the webmaster to thoroughly check the credibility of the service and the conditions set forth in the agreement before engaging into it. Likewise, before accepting and paying for the link, check whether the host website maintains a guaranteed volume of traffic as specified and if it has similar products and services that your website advertise.

An unpaid link usually involves posting an article in the website. This procedure takes a longer time before the expected traffic can be attained. In order to take advantage of the benefits of link marketing, the article published in the website should be unique, of high quality and must be useful to the readers while being relevant to the products and services that the website offers. This is necessary because it would be easier to find a host website that would be willing to link to your website. The webmaster may even opt to create an original article or perhaps check out information from an article directory. Just make sure that once an article is published, the author, website URL and article directory is mentioned accordingly.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Make Money Online The Moolah Way

Daily Moolah is giving away a copy of The SEO Book by Aaron Wall in a contest. This is an amazing book that anyone wanting to learn about SEO has to have. SEO book is valued at $ hurry for a stunning chance to win today!

Daily Moolah is ran by Dev Basu, a web strategist through this wonderful idea to "make money online" blog that is a great resource sharing ways to improve blog's SEO, both white hat and gray.

Start improving and building traffic and make money online, by making a daily visit to Daily Moolah. In less than 21 days see astounding results that will start making money online guaranteed!

When you stop in, tell Dev that Keep It SEO Simple sent you and congratulate him for reaching 100 subscribers.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Pro Blogger Challenge...Who Can Score The Highest

This is very interesting, and I would like to challenge, post your highest scores make a comment. That's right at Daily Blog Tips, there is a Pro Blogger Test. The test is actually put on by Daily Blog Tips and asks 20 blog questions about web design, SEO, online marketing and more. It's fast, easy, and fun.

Do you think you have what it takes to a professional blogger? Take the test now and find out.

What did you score there "blogger pro" or "blogger smo"? By the way, this test is great linkbait! I should create some kind of test as well.

How To Make Facebook a Valuable Tool Guarnateed continues to grow, and if you have not heard of Facebook yet shame on you. Facebook, is another social networking site similar to the power house Myspace. Though, the with enough twists, turns, control, and versatility to make it unique and addicting.

While many have tested Facebook out as a valuable tool to help either promote, market, or connect with others. For many it seems to be over rated and not worth the time to invest in using this tool.

Why you ask?

Great questions, for starters the biggest problem with all web 2.0 social media sites and driving traffic from these sites are to time consuming and not worth the return in traffic. To make anything worth while traffic would turn into a full time social media junkie, while I am sure there are many out there.

Though, I am sure many people out there could benefit a lot from Facebook, just like many have benefited from Myspace, and the list goes on from there. Through some creative pictures and networking to produce some huge amount of traffic that you will probably start selling on Digital Point Forum.

While for many other business and specific business markets, the social networking sites are a complete waste of time. Seriously, so many people try to justify that using sites like these are work, stop pretending unless your going to put the man hours it takes to make this type of strategic marketing work.

So, your next thought is...Well, I will just go and outsource it on Digital Point Forum. This will just help me get one up on my competition.

However, nothing stops you from outsourcing the legwork, if you're so inclined. But just like everything else it has it's draw back as well.

The biggest issue with social media traffic is it's so untargeted. People using are on these “social” sites do just that socialize, entertainment, free information, and to spam.

There are far so many other ways to target quality traffic through a solid marekting strategy that will be better converting, and out producing anything you could through social media sites. Just a few of the top of my head would be article marketing the correct way, blogging, a few in the actual web 2.0 market (but you have to be select and target).

Though one thing is for sure is that Facebook, Myspace, Stumbleupon and all the other Web 2.0 site will be staying around because the bottom line's just flat out FUN!

People will always enjoy posting there pictures, ideas, activities, videos, etc. People will always enjoy communicating with old and new friends. People will always want to socialized even more using the media of the web as means, and will probably take it to the next level soon.

Though, some have tested and have little no success, while others have used it to make a pretty good profit. Take look at two examples that I have researched:

Michel Fortin - For example, last week my wife Sylvie and I quietly launched our new dual coaching program, Massive Action Mentors.

I posted a brief announcement on Facebook. And for a while, Facebook was a great source of traffic. But the traffic didn't convert well.

In my estimation (and research shows this to be true), people on Facebook were either interested in me personally and looking to connect with me, or simply looking for free content or advice without paying for it.

(Everyday, I get at least 2-3 questions and "pokes" from Facebookers asking me for help or feedback. I don't mind, because I love to help. But I reserve my best and more detailed answers for my paying students.)

The best source of qualified traffic to the coaching program actually came from Internet marketing forums, including my own. Besides, how good will an offer of paid coaching be to a group of people who are looking for free coaching, anyway?

The bottom line, however, is that I wouldn't have known that if I didn't test it.

Neville Medhora - Neville, more know for his Nevblog have much more success with and through facebook. But, it was mostly due to the website that he created that went along with facebook.

Keep It SEO Simple

Article Submissions Suck...Why

So the buzz around SEO is articles submission, and does it really work?

Looking into using article submission for SEO and noticing some of the big time SEO guru's calling out and saying they are not big fans of article submission makes you think and this is how the article "Does Article Submissions Work for SEO?" Comes about...

Some thoughts of why article submission is a poor SEO tactic and why you should publish your articles on your own site as apposed to article sites:

• One of the biggest issues that comes up with article submisison is that fact that you get a link. But, fore example everyone has to come to that site for the link. So say you were to digg your articles that you have submitted. Well, that link is all going to that site and not your own sites.

• Here is the second scenerio, so is stay that you drive tons of traffic to your article that is on a article submission sit, but than you get known to little traffic that actually click through to your own site.

• Did you know that a lot of these article sites are continue to not be trusted by some of the big search engines. Many are not authoritive links, becoming less weighted links, and Suck.

• These article submission sites are becoming over populated, semi spam, and not worth a hoot.

So your asking what's the bright side of all this? Well, don't be totally discouraged as of yet, because we will be passing along a solution to this issue of article submission sucks!

Thursday, September 6, 2007



So everyone is talking about SEM and SEO, which one is better? Which one should you be focusing on? Which one should your blog or site be working with? And for some your just asking what in the world is SEM?

To break it down to you SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing which deals more with the advertisers, ad agencies, marketing firms and anyone that owns a web site and has a search advertising budget to pay for sponsored listings on a cpc (cost per click) or ppc (pay per click) basis.

SEO on the other hand is the technique employed by web site owners to make their web site more search engine friendly.

While, everyone continues to state that you should on one or the other, but rarely do you hear that you should do a good mix of both. This is one's first money making mistake for webmasters. This like saying you don't need to diet and exercise but everyone knows that you have to do the two together to see the best results in getting into shape.

Why Does Your Site Need SEO and SEM?

For starters the competition especially with specific keywords that have the potential to pay well are very hard to rank seriously high. For keywords that you can not rank high at, it's best to try and test out using some SEM work. Also, the best way to brand your site which will help you draw instant results than SEM is the way to go. Buying targeted traffic through SEM will help you not only become an instant brand, but also bring in visitors that will either turn out to be faithful visitors or hopefully in most cases a customer that will be interested in your products.

One of the best results of SEM is all the testing that you can do to really figure out what works best for you and your site. Through all the competition out on the web today, it's best to really narrow down what keywords give you the best results. Testing, test, and more test is the best way to go with competing keywords and using SEM.

If your looking to start a SEM project, but don't know where to begin. Well, it woud be in your best interest to start the SEM project using your top 5 keywords. But, when you do this make sure you play a very close attention to your google analytics or analytics software to figure out which are the best and highest converting keywords for your site and in the long run this will help save you money on testing keywords that may not work.

Combining SEO and SEM can really give you a nice leverage over your competition already. So make sure you put both of these to work for you and not against you from someone else.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Web 2.0 To the Max

Check out this Web 2.0 never know it could happen...

Top Global Social Bookmarking Sites Around

When you look around the Global internet these days and especially looking at the the ever so growing Social Bookmarking and Social Media sites. While you have some of the big names such as Digg, Reddit, and Netscape. But, what continues to seem to grow is global mimicks of these social bookmarking and social media sites in all kinds of different countries.

So I am here to point out a few international social bookmarking and social media sites that might be a old idea, but in a new language for many.

* menéame - Most reknown social news site in Spanish
* - German version of digg social news community
* Fuzz - French Digg-like community news
* - Polish social news community
* - Iranian Digg
* - Indonesian social news

While, I may or may not be able to fully read and understand every single word on these pages. I do come to appreciate that they all have and are one of the best social media websites in there own lanuage. One great factor that I come to appreciate is the image that all these sites have so no matter what language some still can get an good understanding or at least a picture of the news.

But you ask, why should I care I can only speak and read English? Well, for starters most of these sites still offer a English submissions on there news sites and sites you land on often have English sections. Pictures and brand names are the same everywhere so it does not matter in which language you find them.

Though you might see that some countries are still lacking or missing in this social media or social bookmarking. It's surprising that this could still be a growing market and will have so see what is still out there in these growing countries such as China, India, and the Arabic speaking countries.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Simple ROI - Blogging

Simple ROI - Blogging

That's right as the ever expanding and always growing real estate of the web becomes one of the safest ways to invest and get a solid return on investment these days. As the never ending social networks, search engine optimization, paid reviews and advertising spikes the web and market as no other right now.

We continue to see shifts being made by almost all search engines and adding the contribue of the marketplace and communities. The test results continue to point towards this direction in the market and web.

Though will all this change happening in and around the marketplace and web. One thing that they continue to point towards this movement is blogging. The ever so powerful blog is still and continues to be the back bone of the web.

So why not start you blog and get your feet a little wet in trying to make your little niche in this ever expanding world wide web. If your interested we are her to offer you some simple web suggestions on a simple way to start a blog.

1. Set up a Blogger WordPress blog. Anyone and everyone has and does run a blog. It can be your personal name to a personal company, and now even colleges are paying some of there students to blog about the college life at there university. While places like wordpress and blogger will host everything for your for free. I believe as if you are you looking more for a professional look and would like to host it yourself I would highly suggest

2. Content is King. If your starting off your blog we would highly suggest that you start of by blogging at least 4 to 5 times the first few days and after that you can little the load by posting a blog at least once or twice a week. Though to really get a good solid fan base and attention it's best to blog at least once a day. When you add content, make sure you add the tags and category. Tags and directory structures help show the search engines what your post is about.

Always write unique creative content that will make readers want to come back to your blog. Some other great ways to provide this service is by having guest bloggers write for you. Or you could even go the routine as paying writers such as niche articles which is a very solid content and blog provider.

3. Manage RSS feeds. This is very important to try to really gett as many RSS feeds out there and getting people to sign up for your feeds. Rss is an easily tracked and managed XML-based file structure that allows compatible Web systems to read the data. Get an account with and update it with your site feeds -- also known as pinging. You can also use and to help distribute content and and to alert systems that you've made a new post.

4. Promote your blog. Try to get links from other bloggers. Use a specific keyword that your trying to target. Here are 5 simple suggestions on how to promote your blog the cheap way.

Social bookmarking sites are as popular as ever such as and, as well as, and Content that can help or teach such as "how to" articles, are always very popular.

5. Leverage podcasts and videos. Podcasts are a simple way to provide more detail and personalization around your company or service. The MP3 format can easily be streamed for listening on the Web and from your blog. You can podcast your files and even manage them via iTunes. You also can stream video into your visitors' homes and let them watch it on their Apple TV, a recently announced product.

6. Optimize your blog. Professiona looking, clean, and optimized blog will seriously go a long way. For simple SEO, change your permalinks to this custom option:


and enable the customizable permalinks. This is a search-engine friendly URL that's commonly used.

As I mentioned earlier, WordPress has a number of powerful plugins to consider. Here are some to start with:

*Google Analytics -- tracks everything on all pages

*Chicklets -- an array of social media tags for your users, including RSS reader icons

*AdSense Deluxe -- for publishing ads on your site

*Google Sitemap Generator for WordPress -- creates a sitemap for your site

*Akismet spam filtering -- filters link spam from blog comments; requires WordPress API key

*SEO Title Tag -- easy optimization of title tags across your WordPress blog

*Ultimate Tag Warrior -- incorporates the tag name into title pages on tagged pages

*Podpress -- everything you need for podcasting

More plugins are available at the WordPress plugin directory.

After you're set up, follow the basic rules for long-term success:

*Do not use Black Hat SEO -- unethical techniques -- to stuff keywords and duplicate content in your blogs.

*Provide value through quality content. If you're selling something, don't be pushy. Try to provide educational and constructive comments on products, services and competitors.

*Use the chicklets you see on many blogs, including a big button for your RSS feed, so visitors and search engines can easily get to your data.

*Place strategic AdSense components to generate money for yourself, while still providing value. Don't feel bad; big companies do it, including news outlets like CNN. Match the text and color with the layout of your site. Over time, you may get a check from Google.

P.S. Imagine 25%, 50%, or even 100% YTD return in this up-and-down market...Than your safest move is starting a blog today.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

SEO Consultants Simple

According to Tim Nash over at he shares a few times that he suggest to get you started into become a SEO Consultant.

He lays it out very simple and plain for you...but he does suggest to dig into your pocket and spend alittle money to get things started off right. But, it's just like the old saying "it takes money to make money".

Some of the SEO Consultants Simple Stuff he suggested is the follow: recommend buying Aaron Wall SEO book its packed with the basics and is worth every penny. Tim Nash states, "I think it will save you days of research if not weeks."

Next he would suggest a paid membership to SEOMoz. But no worries and on with keeping it simple. If you can not afford that than you have to check out the Illustrated guide to search engine friendly site at less then $30 its a bargain, mind you their whole site is a bargain as for every paid feature they are committed to bringing out free tools and articles.

Than you will need hosting and domain and it would be pretty easy and simple and on your way to becoming a SEO consultant. That's right that's SEO consulants simple my friends.

Now you are ready to become an SEO consultant, well not quite its time to read those books and papers you just bought or if you have any more questions you can always just email me at

Enjoy your new career or if you already an SEO or just a curious amateur then I still recommend all of the above.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Trying Win A Copy of Aaron SEO Book...And How You Could Too

There is this really cool website called DailyMoolah is holding a contest for next 2 weeks which ends on September 10. Daily Moolah is giving away a free copy of "SEO Book" This is a value of $79!! This DailyMoolah Contest is extremely simple to join and you get some number of entries to do following:

* Digg or Stumble there post for 1 free entry
* Subscribe to DailyMoolah RSS feed for 2 free entries
* Mention this post on your blog with a link back and get 3 free entries
* Write a 100 review of Daily Moolah dot Com and get 5 free entries. Use the anchor text ‘make money online’

So Rush on over to DailyMoolah for you free chance of winning SEO Book today!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Best Keyword Research Software Review Anywhere!

That's right, here is the break down of one of the best Keyword Research Software Review online today and it was well written at SEO book by Aaron Wall.

This keyword research software review breaks it down in a simple way for everyone to easily understand. The review really opened my eyes to a few major things that I saw. Three things that I found that you need to beware of before purchasing your next "keyword research software":

* Learn where the data comes from when you purchase a new keyword research software.

* It is easy for competitors to spam the WordTracker database.

* Is free really worth it? But than again is paid keyword research software really worth it?

Information about Aaron Wall author of SEO

SEO is a leading SEO blog by Aaron Wall covering the search space. It offers marketing tips, search analysis, and whatever random rants come to mind. ;) The first version of my popular SEO Book came out in December of 2003. I have propably revised it about 50 times since then.

Balancing answering emails, blogging, reading blogs and forums, buying and developing sites, working for a couple customers, and running Threadwatch is pretty hard - especially with zero employees. In the past SEO Book was more about posting search news, but since the market has got so saturated on that front and I acquired the Threadwatch community I have decided to keep Threadwatch focused on the latest search news and speculation, and to use SEO Book to answer customer questions and to offer online marketing strategy tips.

Getting Started on Container Gardening

Getting Started on Container Gardening

Any gardening enthusiast will tell you that there is no place too small for you to create your own garden. With enough knowledge and creativity you can make turn any space into a beautiful garden. One of the best solutions to the lack of space is container gardening. Container gardening involves using containers to grow vegetables, herbs and fruits.

There are many benefits to container gardening the most important of which is that it requires less soil and takes up less space. People who live in apartment complexes, those with impaired mobility, and those who live in dry areas can still engage in gardening through this method. Container gardening also requires less time than growing and nurturing a big garden so those who do not have too much free time can start a container garden. Read More

People who are interested in container gardening can visit Simon Newman's blog-- container gardening This website will teach you everything you need to know about container gardening It also provides additional information regarding small or pocket gardens.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Best Web2.0 Toolbars

Best Web2.0 Toolbars

Toolbars that will help you maximize the web2.0 experience. This is a great video of really breaking down some of the best web 2.0 toolbars!

I will have to admit I did not find this one on my own. I had a little help from looking over blondie 2.0, she is a strategist in the world of online marketing, community building, social software, and networking. She also consult startups, mainly web 2.0 and social networking sites, regarding marketing strategy, product development, community building, promotion & branding, content & copywriting, and UI enhancement. So in simple terms is she is Web 2.0 or should I say blonde 2.0 guru!

I share allt this because for one, I am a big stumble fan myself...and you find me stumbling sports of all kinds. Not to brag, but I feel as if I am one of the top sports stumbler around stumbleupon.

It was actually through stumble that I found and have learned tons from blonde 2.0 and your blonde 2.0 webblog!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

To Buy Or Not To Buy...This Is the Question

So your doing all kinds of crazy SEO work on your site, blog, etc. Now comes to the business ethic, the hottest question buzzing around SEO Land. Should I buy links to my website? While this question has been answered probably a million time by everyone and there brother in the SEO world.

If you take it from a Google stand point they stay "NO". But, there could be some exceptions to this idea of buying links to your website.

What to say "NO" too, and will get you banned from google faster than you can spell out S-E-O:

* Joing a link farm (or anything that looks like a link farm).
* Any form of link spamming

While Google has several things listed that can get you banned from their site, everyone that I have every known to be banned by Google had been banned for the reason stated above.

Now how can you do it properly without getting banned from Google.

* Press Releases - Are a great way to get the word out the right way and have tons of one way links point back to your site. That's what we did at
* Buying actual add space on a site. Check out at selling his for I $500 a month!
* Paying someone to put an article you wrote into their newsletter.

It's just that simple. So just remember though sometimes SEO can be crazy and complicated. Just remember to KISS the craziness goodbye and Keep It SEO Simple

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Offer Niche Articles Service

We offering a new service that's right! We are now offering niche articles for sale, purchase niche articles, price quote for your unique niche articles today. Check out our offers of not only free niche articles, but you also ask for niche article price quotes by emailing us complete details which can be found at niche articles!

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Free SEO Articles Today

This is a limited time offer only, and we are offering 15 free SEO articles to the first 49 people! That's right 49 people will get these 15 free SEO articles in there in email today! This is a $29.95 dollar value, and it could be completely free if you just go to niche articles, and get your free SEO articles now.

Free SEO Articles Today

How Do Search Engines Work - Web Crawlers
Keyword Density
Some Essential Feaures Your Web Site Must Have
Some Other Keyword Research Tools
Submitting Your Website To Search Engines
The Importance Of Referer Logs
The Importance Of Search Engines
Tips To Get Repeat Web Traffic
Tips To Increase Ranking And Website Traffic
Tools To Monitor Your Website
Using Keywords In Page Titles
Web Hosting Companies
Web Hosting Servcies And Domain Names
Website As Storefronts
What Is Search Engine Optimization

Sample from "Tips to Get Repeat Web Traffic"

1. Update the pages on your website frequently. Stagnant sites are dropped by some search engines. You can even put a date counter on the page to show when it was last updated.

2. Offer additional value on your website. For affiliates and partners you can place links to their sites and products and ask them to do the same for you. You can also advertise their books or videos, if these products relate to your industry and are not in competition with your own product.

3. You can allow customers to 'opt in' to get discounts and special offers. Place a link on your site to invite customers to 'opt in' to get a monthly newsletter or valuable coupons.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

SEO Consultants Corner

This past weekend, Network Solutions Senior Vice President Stephanie Leffler paid a visit to MSNBC's "Consultants Corner", where she talked about how companies can ensure that their Web sites come out at the top of the search engines.


*Content - quality articles, blogs, product reviews
*Links - similiar to a voting system...the more vote you get the bigger the winner
*Title tags and meta tags

For more SEO tips check our SEO top ten list, it's must read!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Matt Cutts SEO Search Marketing Expo From Seattle

The Search Marketing Expo in Seattle began today and WebProNews is there to bring you full coverage. Google's Matt Cutts began the conference by giving a behind-the-scenes look at Google's Webmaster Guidelines. Catch all the details from Matt Cutts as we bring you exclusive coverage of the SMX from Seattle only on WebProNews

Thursday, June 21, 2007

How to Win an SEO Contest

How to Win an SEO Contest

The Honest Way…

1. Work to get relevant backlinks. Not link pages but contextual links within content semi-related to your site.

2. Avoid blackhat techniques. Your job is for long term results no matter what.

3. Although having a keyword stuffed domain can be beneficial, what happens after the contest is over? Perhaps an easy to remember domain will be best.

4. The point of SEO Contests is to start with nothing and end with success. I would only recommend 301ing and old domain if the domain is no longer in use and is relevant to the new site.

5. Create pages of solid content, but don't stuff with a lot of keywords. You are building for users as well.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ambatchmasterpublisher on a Technorati Terror

Look how strong ambatchmasterpublisher blog has gotten. That's right in just a very short while ambatchmasterpublisher in technorati is already making a name for itself and for ambatchmasterpublisher. Listed below are the stats that technorati is rating ambatchmasterpublisher blog. Check it out below:


ambatchmasterpublisher thumbnail
Authority: 13
Favorite it
Rank: 430,623

Professional ambatchmasterpublisher SEO Tip of the Day

Professional ambatchmasterpublisher SEO Tip of the Day

'The top search engine's results could include pages that have different or varied versions of a keyword, but will give the highest priority to pages that contain exactly the keyword. If your keywords are commonly searched for in both singular and plural versions, then it's a good idea to work both versions into your page, especially in your title tag.'

Please come back and visit us for more professional ambatchmasterpublisher SEO tips.

How to Win an SEO Contest

How to Win an SEO Contest

The Dishonest Way…

1. Use blackhat techniques. Since these contests are short term, many feel that so should the results.

2.Have a network of sites that you can add your link to. If you own those sites even better. Some contestants have thousands of sites in their network which means a lot of easy backlinks.

3.Be the first to register a keyword ambatchmasterpublisher stuffed dot com. e.g. ambatchmasterpublisher

4. Take an aged domain and 301 it to your keyword stuffed domain. If the domain has been around for a while, it should have no problem ranking.

5. Create hundreds of useless keyword ambatchmasterpublisher stuffed pages.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What a ambatchmasterpublisher should learn?

What a ambatchmasterpublisher should learn?

Let's take an example - gaining more traffic.

While when talking about traffic or gaining more traffic. Everyone including ambatchmasterpublisher has all kinds of different strategies from SEO, blog promotion, pay per click, email marketing, forum/community promotion, etc.

While each of the above ambatchmasterpublisher
strategy is a pretty large topic in todays web world. It's impossible to be a trade of all trade or even think you can master two or more of the ambatchmasterpublisher stratgies. Though, you need to be knowledgableable or at least understand all areas and how the work together. Ambatchmasterpublisher also suggest that through this knowledge of understanding all the different areas will help you understand the process of ambatchmasterpublisher web publishing. And through this knowledge you will be able to pick which process and strategies that are best for your own web publishing style just like we have at ambatchmasterpublisher.

Here are some basic examples, ambatchmasterpublisher has a few friends that are really good at link baiting SEO. While some people think this strategy is gray to black seo. But, if your good at it and this strategy is working well for you while bring you some good money, why would you trade it in?

Though, for many ambatchmasterpublisher included link baiting SEO can be very difficult to master. Some web publishers cannot do well in link baiting SEO but they perform very well in white hat SEO. Others are not cut out for SEO work, but they have a great knack for community traffic.

iIt s best if you can find the right web publishing style for you and your talents. .

In our ambatchmasterpublisher program, we are learning how to find that style for each of us. And this is what the ambatchmasterpublisher program should learn.

Link Baiting Sucks!

Link Baiting Sucks!

There is this topic about link baiting going all around SEO world. The talk of link baiting is black hat, grey or white? Is link baiting a good practice for your blog? What is is link baiting? And here at ambatchmasterpublisher SEO we are to share with you the good, the ugly, and worst about link baiting and why we think it sucks!

Link baiting is pretty much link building with a few twists. The whole idea of link baiting is your trying to get the links coming to you, instead of you fishing for the links. You start off with your bait and in every case the bait is your article, webpage, content, or whatever it is that you want to get links too.

So the idea is for this story ambatchmasterpublisher says link baiting sucks! Why does ambatchmasterpublisher think that link baiting sucks. Well, you should find out through this article and example.

Some of the best link baiting lures so to speak are News, Contrary, Attack, Resource and Humor.

A News hook is one where you report on industry news. But it's not just a rehashing of someone else's post. It should be unique – either a scoop that no one else has caught, or it could even be a summary of various viewpoints. A news hook could also be comprised of a story you have proved to be false.

Contrary hooks are when you contradict what someone else says. It should be someone prominent in the

For example, if I was to write an link baiting sucks article that proclaimed that everyone's lastest theory on link baiting was stupid and sucked and try to generate a buzz. This would only work if I could make a really big buzz about it.

Recently somewhat of a contrary buzz has been with the Obama girl. This was organically a Hillary Clinton Video contest, but someone has since made a major hit with a music video for or about Obama running for president in 08'.

Attack hooks take the contrary hooks a step further, by launching personal attacks on people taking debates, issues, or trying to make a buzz to prove people wrong. Another great example of this recent "attack" could be Rosie O'Donell

A Resource hook is more of an informational page. It's one that aggregates a bunch of information and distills it for visitors.

In fact this site is much like that. We take a bunch of news, distill it to its most meaningful and then provide our interpretation of what it means. Then, others pick up on the article and either repost it, or at least link to it.

Finally is a Humour hook. With this link bait you post jokes, funny stories, weird or funny pictures that you've found or anything else that will warrant a review from others and hopefully a link.

There are tons of blogs devoted to this such as the Obscure Store & Reading Room and Small Town Misfit which scour the web for weird and funny stories and then display them, encouraging others to link to them. And it must be working – Small Town Misfit has over 1,600 Yahoo! Links while Obscure Store has over 1,700.

So if you were ever worried about the amount of link building you'd have to do to become an "authority" consider link baiting in your arsenal. It can be a very effective way of building links quickly and easily. Also, its an effective way to build your reputation and brand online as more and more people learn about you through these links.

Ambatchmasterpublisher SEO Tip of the Day -- No More 'Click Here'

Ambatchmasterpublisher SEO Tip of the Day -- No More 'Click Here'

If you or you blog have fallen into the 'Click Here' trap as many other bloggers, and here at ambatchmasterpublisher we have caught ourselves doing this. Than ambatchmasterpublisher is here to tell you might be missing one of the single, important, and powerful tools that is right at your finger tips ... the simple text hyperlink. Every time we link words like "click here" or "more" or "read more" we are missing an opportunity to improve our SEO strength and create link popularity. Google will assign more weight to the links containing descriptions and names than to a link that is vague and non-descriptive.

Here's an example: You want to share information about ambatchmasterpublisher program, and the fact that you can direct your readers to a site where ALL of the ambatchmasterpublisher program information is.


The ambatchmasterpublisher program is offering the public a chance to learn top SEO secrects to teach you the correct and proper way to reach the top of ALL search engines to learn more about this ambatchmasterpublisher program click here. Bookmark this site and send it to your family and friends.


The ambatchmasterpublisher program is offering the public a chance to learn top SEO secrects to teach you the correct and proper way to reach the top of ALL search engines. Consider making your ambatchmasterpublisher program membersrhip here. Bookmark this site and send it to your family and friends.

Matt Cutts Calls Graywolf A Kitten

Matt Cutts Calls Graywolf A Kitten

Matt Cutts Calls Graywolf A Kitten

Monday, June 18, 2007

Hop On The Ambatchmasterpublisher Ship

Hop on the ambatchmasterpublisher ship to freedom today!

The idea of being a basic passengers on a ambatchmasterpublisher ship meant to sail to the farthest points does not appeal to people who like to put their destiny into their own hands. They have the desire of maneuvering the ambatchmasterpublisher ships themselves, of being able to be the ones to take it anywhere they want to. Being aboard a ambatchmasterpublisher ship on its way to a particularly great destination is something each and every one of them dreams of, and the knowledge that they have the capacity to steer it themselves is what makes them actually want to.

Perhaps this is the reason why more and more people are succumbing to one of the most popular businesses around – ambatchmasterpublisher SEO, adsense, and affiliate marketing. It is because in this ambatchmasterpublisher SEO, adsense, and affiliate marketing, there are no bosses to order the employees around. There are no deadlines to meet and no clutter of work do to. One only needs to be equipped with the tools needed to succeed in a ambatchmasterpublisher SEO, adsense, and affiliate marketing business such as this, and he is bound to get what his heart ultimately desires.

Ambatchmasterpublisher SEO Tip For Today

This is a simple ambatchmasterpublisher tip for today!

Add a contact form or contact details to your blog or ambatchmasterpublisher blog site rather than directing people to your portfolio contact form. This is a great way for ambatchmasterpublisher and your blog readers to contact you as simply as possible is up there with the most important points of any ambatchmasterpublisher blog, blogsite, or website. No blog should be making you click one more time than is necessary.

Jim Westergren Is A SEO Guru

Jim Westergren is also very successful and popular SEO guru and is a great quality SEO writer. He has written many popular articles in the filed of Search Engine Optimization, Link Building and Online marketing. Apart from his professional life, Jim Westergren also takes a lot of interest in Philosophy and a very adorable fiction and short story writer. He has written a lot essays about his philosophy and you can read them in his personal site.

You may want to check out Jim Westergren Personal Site to learn about him and his ideas. In fact, you can learn everything about Jim in his personal site, starting from his life, his philosophy, to his favorite novels and quotes. You can also read many nice fiction short stories written by Jim in his site. If you are a newbie SEO or a wannabe SEO expert, you sure should read his SEO and Link Building articles.

Ambatchmasterpublisher Talks One Way Vs Reciprocal Linking

One Way Vs Reciprocal Linking

This is a question that we here at ambatchmasterpublisher SEO get asked so many times by so many people when talking about ambatchmasterpublisher SEO and link bulding. Everyone is trying to fully figure out the serps and learn what SE are favoring these days. While, this is great to learn and even try your own experimenting of what seems to work best for you and your site. Though ambatchmasterbpublisher would like to share with you our thoughts of on this matter and what we have even seen in a ambatchmasterpublisher SEO contest which has really helped us experiment and learn a lot of different things.

Ambatchmasterpublisher SEO will try to answer the two following questions: Is one way links better than reciprocal linking? And does is seem that SE favor one way links or reciprocal link?

When talking about links in general honestly in our book we feel as not any quality link is a good and positive thing to have. Though with that said you have to learn what quality is. For example ambatchmasterpublisher reciprocal links can have some value and be benefitial to your website though it's best for a reciprocal link is a high valued site with good "page rank" and is relevant to your site. Now where a reciprocal link could hurt your site is where it actually has little value, page rank, and relevance to your site. Though, keep this thought in mind search engines see reciprocal links as that your site is not good enough to get a vote or link with out giving something back in return.

Though the best link is a one way ambatchmasterpublisher link with relevance, and a site that would actually post you're a link up to your site without asking is probably the best kind of link to have. This means that someone on the internet is actually voting, enjoys, and are wanting to tell others about your great quality site. Though, think like a search engine for a second and see what they would value and see in the importance in links in the first place. Meaning, if I am a computer and I continue to see this link keep popping up from other relevant sites, I probably should go and continue to check this site out as well.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Ambatchmasterpublisher Explians The Importance Of A Sitemap

Ambatchmasterpublisher tells all about sitemap

So before we get started many of you are asking ambatchmasterpublisher what is a sitemap? And this is a great question to be asking, and we (ambatchmasterpublisher) will be shareing with you the importance of a sitemap. Lets take this in a few simple steps and answering the following questions.

What is a site map?
A site map basically is a page that lists or will feature links of your complete web site. This will make it easier for search engines to proceed and spider your web site. It is usually found near the top or bottom page of a web site. And ambatchmasterpublisher SEO would even suggest to have a link to your sitemap on every webpage for your site.

What are sitemaps for?
In any internet marketing endeavor, the best thing to do is to maintain a good linkage and to always stay indexed. There many ways available to you online to have your web site indexed and spidered. Using HTML site maps is a way you can utilize to make sure that your site is up to date in the internet and search engine database.

Why are site maps important?
An HTML site map is important. It should contain the top level pages. In one page, there should be just about the right amount of links in it. The link should not exceed 100 for more favorable views.

Good links will also ensure you that spiders will locate your web site easily each week. This will make your site indexed by the important search engines online. This will also avoid your site from being dropped. Ambatchmasterpublisher will not only suggest that you create a sitemap, but you should also submit it to google sitemap as well.

Ambatchmasterpublisher is Everywhere

Ambatchmasterpublisher is everywhere! Everywhere I am turn ambatchmasterpublisher is there. I click on and ambatchmasterpublisher is there. I am serious, check it out...

Than I decide to go check out something on listible and man ambatchmasterpublisher is there too. This is a great and easy way to make a simple and quick list of some of your favorite websites and make a list of them. It's so cool check out ambatchmasterpublisher on listible.

You go to PRweb one of the best Press Release sites hands down, and that's right ambatchmasterpublisher is there as well Check out the story "Ambatchmasterpublisher SEO Race To The Highest Rank". This great ambatchmasterpublisher press release has been read over 1,000 times in less than a few days. And this same story has been seen in some of the top news this past week such as the following Google News, Yahoo News, EmediaWire, etc.

So as you can see that ambatchmasterpublisher is causing a pretty big stir...on and how in the world could we forget about Squidoo. That's right ambatchmaserpublisher is in Squidoo, and is offer some really great SEO information. That's right ambatchmasterpublisher squidoo blog is currently ranked #1 when searching google for the keyword ambatchmasterpublisher. This ambatchmasterpublisher squidoo blog is always very high in Squidoo as well.
Top Blogs Marketing / SEO blogs