Saturday, January 19, 2008

Stomper Net Smarts aka Stompernet Smarts

Review on Stompernet Smarts

So if you been living at all and done any improvement or trying to improve your blog, website, affiliate marketing or anything than you have had to already heard about Stompernet SMARTS. That's right Stompernet Smarts is this new "internet coaching program" targeting Social Media Marketing. Since the new year has started Andy Jenkins has been producing these amazing videos that I believe anyone and all could learn a little something from these videos that we have for you below.

Also to see a full break down of StomperNet Smarts by Andy Beard this is well worth the visit.

So now your asking what's all this talk about StomperNet Smarts is the basic information:

- This is a 10-week of stompernet smarts coaching course

- Every week will be covering different marketing, search engine, and specifically social media marketing getting you closer to your 2008 goals. (we've provided a full outline in the downloadable PDF special report, right at the end)

- Andy Jenkins will be hosting live calls of all your answers and questions each week giving you the chance to get all of your questions covered, plus to listen to issues that others think of that you may not have yet encountered, so you'll learn as much listening to the answers from others as you will from getting your own questions covered.

- We will have periodic teleseminars/webinars with major industry experts and people who are top of their class in specific strategies (very cool calls!)

- There will be an amazing community forum, where those who are members of the SMARTS program can ask questions, get answers, weigh in on other people's questions, share experiences, get their frustrations answered, and build relationships. This is one of the areas that I'm MOST excited about. Remember that one of the essences of social media is "WE are smarter than ME." I'm really looking forward to not only giving you my strategies, techniques, and ideas, but building new techniques as a group. This has never been done before, and should be a key element of this powerful program.)

- Each week you will receive a series of videos that focus on that week's strategies, followed a few days later by the coaching call. The forum will always be open.

There are several friends that I know personally have already signed up for stompernet smarts coaching, so leave a comment on your thoughts about StomperNet Smarts videos, coaching, or anything.

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