Tuesday, August 28, 2007

To Buy Or Not To Buy...This Is the Question

So your doing all kinds of crazy SEO work on your site, blog, etc. Now comes to the business ethic, the hottest question buzzing around SEO Land. Should I buy links to my website? While this question has been answered probably a million time by everyone and there brother in the SEO world.

If you take it from a Google stand point they stay "NO". But, there could be some exceptions to this idea of buying links to your website.

What to say "NO" too, and will get you banned from google faster than you can spell out S-E-O:

* Joing a link farm (or anything that looks like a link farm).
* Any form of link spamming

While Google has several things listed that can get you banned from their site, everyone that I have every known to be banned by Google had been banned for the reason stated above.

Now how can you do it properly without getting banned from Google.

* Press Releases - Are a great way to get the word out the right way and have tons of one way links point back to your site. That's what we did at www.prweb.com
* Buying actual add space on a site. Check out at www.JohnChow.com selling his for I $500 a month!
* Paying someone to put an article you wrote into their newsletter.

It's just that simple. So just remember though sometimes SEO can be crazy and complicated. Just remember to KISS the craziness goodbye and Keep It SEO Simple

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