Friday, August 31, 2007

Trying Win A Copy of Aaron SEO Book...And How You Could Too

There is this really cool website called DailyMoolah is holding a contest for next 2 weeks which ends on September 10. Daily Moolah is giving away a free copy of "SEO Book" This is a value of $79!! This DailyMoolah Contest is extremely simple to join and you get some number of entries to do following:

* Digg or Stumble there post for 1 free entry
* Subscribe to DailyMoolah RSS feed for 2 free entries
* Mention this post on your blog with a link back and get 3 free entries
* Write a 100 review of Daily Moolah dot Com and get 5 free entries. Use the anchor text ‘make money online’

So Rush on over to DailyMoolah for you free chance of winning SEO Book today!

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