Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Another BS Contest That Is Probably Fake

You have to check out this offer! That's right iBusinessTalk is offering a spectacular offer that I could not pass up. This offer includes a site review from on other than "John Chow" not to be confused with John Cow. Yes both are pretty successful in the whole making money online niche of the blogging world.

So go and check out this great offer that iBussinessTalk is running before the time runs out.

f you have been around the MMO world for any length of time you will understand that John Chow is one of the leaders in the industry. Although sometimes (well all the time) he randomly talks about things like food and outings, sometimes he does have some killer stuff on how to make money online.

It's simple as just making a blog post about it and sign up for iBussinessTalk rss via email.


Yan Susanto said...

I don't get it..are you saying that the whole offer is fake?


James Tracy said...

Haha...speaking of BS contests that are probably fake....

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