Saturday, September 20, 2008

Application Letter For Copywriting Position

Application Letter For Copywriting Position

Good Day!

You will notice that I have attached a real dollar bill at the top of this letter and that it has been sent to you by Priority mail. I realize that you are a large and busy company and that your time is very valuable, so I wanted to be able to grab your attention right away. And since I am offering you a way to greatly increase the money that you are currently making, I though the use of a dollar bill as an “attention-getter” is quite appropriate.

I am writing to inform you of my interest in applying for the copywriting position in your company. I realize that you are a large and successful company and that you are looking only for the very best candidates to fill that position. I am fully confident in my abilities to be of service to you, and since you are looking for a writer who is passionate about marketing and copywriting, I thought it appropriate for me to apply.

You mentioned in your ad that you are fast growing company and that you typically work demanding projects with rigid deadlines. I strongly believe that your company has an environment that I can thrive in, since I am interested in growing with a world-class company that can ensure my continued growth and professional development as a copywriter. Furthermore, I have been known to produce some of my best work under a tight deadline, and working under pressure is a scenario that I am very familiar and comfortable with. I am also particularly interested in the training in copywriting and marketing strategy that your company offers, as I see it as even more opportunities in my quest for continuous improvement.

Below you will find some testimonials from clients that I have worked for in the past, who all attest to my capabilities in this area of expertise.

I have been working with Eric for a little more than 3 years now, ever since I placed an ad for a highly qualified copywriter on the Internet to work on one of my SEO projects. Needless to say I was not disappointed, and Eric carried out the task with excellent results. He has consistently shown that he has the skills to not only write quality copy, but also to effectively use targeted keywords that served to make the content more attractive to the major search engines, as well as friendly to the reader. I have since worked with Eric in a wide variety of projects, and he has always carried out his responsibilities in a thoroughly professional manner. I am currently in the midst of developing a financing site for a major international client, and Eric is again the right fit for the job. I have no hesitations whatsoever about recommending him to someone who is in need of a thoroughly competent and highly professional copywriter.

Mikhail Tuknov
Online Marketing Director @ ThinkBig Media

All of the articles that Eric submitted were well-written and passed comprehensive duplicate content checks with flying colors. He is very easy to deal with and handles all projects like a through professional would. My first order of articles was very well-received and were of outstanding quality. I am about to place a second order of 25 articles as the next step in a long-term business relationship with him.

I have already received a second batch of articles from Eric, and I am happy to say that they were just as good as the first batch! A true pro and a very skilled writer, Eric is a joy to work with! Highly recommended!

I trust that you will find my application and the accompanying testimonies meet with your approval, and I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience!

Eric Pangburn

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sean said...

I like it - bribe them for a job.

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