Saturday, September 1, 2007

SEO Consultants Simple

According to Tim Nash over at he shares a few times that he suggest to get you started into become a SEO Consultant.

He lays it out very simple and plain for you...but he does suggest to dig into your pocket and spend alittle money to get things started off right. But, it's just like the old saying "it takes money to make money".

Some of the SEO Consultants Simple Stuff he suggested is the follow: recommend buying Aaron Wall SEO book its packed with the basics and is worth every penny. Tim Nash states, "I think it will save you days of research if not weeks."

Next he would suggest a paid membership to SEOMoz. But no worries and on with keeping it simple. If you can not afford that than you have to check out the Illustrated guide to search engine friendly site at less then $30 its a bargain, mind you their whole site is a bargain as for every paid feature they are committed to bringing out free tools and articles.

Than you will need hosting and domain and it would be pretty easy and simple and on your way to becoming a SEO consultant. That's right that's SEO consulants simple my friends.

Now you are ready to become an SEO consultant, well not quite its time to read those books and papers you just bought or if you have any more questions you can always just email me at

Enjoy your new career or if you already an SEO or just a curious amateur then I still recommend all of the above.

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