Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Amazing SEO News That Covers It ALL

SEO News, keep yourself up to date on all the SEO news globally, breaking news, and so much more.

* AP Breaking News
News from one of the world wide leaders in breaking news. AP has been called the source of all daily news. Most big tech news outlets use delayed AP news.
Interface: 4 of 5 (The stories are neatly arranged with titles very easy to read)

* Reuters ¦ Breaking News from Around the Globe
Internet news from Reuters. The other big daily news machine. Timely and always up to date with breaking news.
Interface: 4 of 5 (The stories are neatly arranged with titles very easy to read and it's a fast loading page.)

* NewsNow: NewsLink Search Engines
The search engine category at NewsNow is very good and timely. They don't miss much and have some stories you won't find anywhere else.
Interface: 1 of 5. The interface is quite slow and bloated with javascript. Stories are on meta redirects. Pain to use.

* Rocketinfo - News Search Engine
Probably the best kept secret on the net for finding news. Use the advanced interface to search for search engine news stories. The only draw back here is that the same story will be listed dozens upon dozens of times. There is no clustering of the same story, so all the sites that carry AP or Reuters distributed news get a listing (ugh).
Interface: 4 of 5. Micro font problem. It's still easy to use, but over eager css makes it hard to read.

* The Virtual Acquisition Shelf & News Desk
Gary Prices research, data, and search engine news tracker. Features extremely timely articles. Often first with big stories. Updated daily
Interface: 3 of 5. Stories have little or confusing separation with blood red for a link color that over powers the page (sorry Gary). The rest of the page is very clean and noise free.

* Company News
This link is to Wall Street Research Net company news (Link is to Yahoo news). They have a great stock tracker where you can follow news about public companies. They often have stories covered no where else. It is most business oriented news. They cover about the last month worth of news for each company.
Interface: 4 of 5. The story titles are quite easy to read. There are quite a few graphics and ads in to the top and left, but with the story titles so easy to spot, it can be over looked.

* NewsLinx Web News
Tech news from They take weekends off but have 30-40 hand picked articles a day from traditional tech news outlets. They also have one of the few good archive news systems of any of the scrapers.
Interface: 4 of 5. The story titles are very easy to read with good separation between stories. However, it *is* and they always have too many ads. It's page spam city with 4 graphic ads and 40 link ads and a couple of boxes. That said, it is still better than it used to be. It makes for a very slow loading page most week days.

* News Is Free: Internet
A great deal of foreign blog news. I find it is rare to find a good story here. From time-to-time they have something. Use the search feature to cut through the high volume of noise.
Interface: 1 of 5. Yet another site with good content layered under a noisy hard to read and use interface.

* Fagan Finder
A nice blog style search engine news tracker. Everything is nicely categorized.
Interface: 3 of 5. Fast loading, but hard to read colors with light blue links on light blue background.

* Google Weblog
Aaron Swartz's Google blog. Good timely info updated with new stories a couple times a week.
Interface: 5 of 5. Well separated stories with good titles in a default browser font and no link tricks (nice work).

* Portals and Search Engines
Mostly a repackage of AP and Reuters news. Very slow to update. You'll have to dig through some stuff such as the cbs marketwatch stuff (is that paid advertising?), but it's good for a weekly overview.
Interface: 4 of 5. easy to use and well laid out. Touch too many ads, but you can always find the headlines and go.

* SearchEngineBlog
Fairly easy to follow story links that are updated daily. Definitely one to watch.
Interface: 4.25 of 5. Fonts are just a smidge small for my taste, but still readable with great use of white space to separate stories (a tidbit overlooked by too many other sites)

* ResearchBuzz
Timely data, news, search, and research stories with brief reviews and comments about articles. It's a nice distillation that helps put some context on the news. (subscribe to 'extra' for the best stuff).
Interface: 4.5 of 5. Very easy to use and follow. Minor complaints: touch of small fonts, links not underlined, and no left border between brown stripe and content - I can live with it.

* Pandia Good articles and timely. Occasionally find some Euro stories no one else is covering.
Interface: 4 of 5. Very easy to read and well laid out with no nonsense.

* SearchEngineWorld Breaking News Easy to read standard links with timely article links. Updated daily. (can I say that without sounding suspect ;-)
Interface: 4 of 5. A bit dated in look and feel, but easy to use and fast.

* WebmasterWorld Timely news and discussion around major search engine and industry news events. Included for completeness sake.
Interface: 4.5 of 5. Very easy to use and read with user definable skins.

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