Monday, September 10, 2007

Link Marketing

Link marketing or web linking is a pop form of advertising on the Internet. Typically, it involves the process of connecting one’s website to another through links or a series of backlinks. Usually a new entrant or a website with lesser traffic is the one engaged in link marketing. The new entrant places an advertisement in a host site holding related information, products or services to avail of the host website’s guaranteed traffic volume. In return, the host website benefits from the new entrant’s traffic as well. Once the website is linked to a host website, the linking website in a way becomes a part of it. And should the host website carry a priority rank in search engines, the linking website inherits the same importance in the crawl of search engine spider. Once a relevant search is made, the website will most likely stay on the first few pages of relevant search results.

Some Link Marketing programs can be purchase while others are free. However, buying a paid link tends to be very risky because you may end up dealing with a scam. But if the link turns out to be genuine, then your website will benefit from it because of the increased traffic that could ensue in just a couple of days. Finding a website that would accept links is not difficult because there are link management services available on the internet. What is important is for the webmaster to thoroughly check the credibility of the service and the conditions set forth in the agreement before engaging into it. Likewise, before accepting and paying for the link, check whether the host website maintains a guaranteed volume of traffic as specified and if it has similar products and services that your website advertise.

An unpaid link usually involves posting an article in the website. This procedure takes a longer time before the expected traffic can be attained. In order to take advantage of the benefits of link marketing, the article published in the website should be unique, of high quality and must be useful to the readers while being relevant to the products and services that the website offers. This is necessary because it would be easier to find a host website that would be willing to link to your website. The webmaster may even opt to create an original article or perhaps check out information from an article directory. Just make sure that once an article is published, the author, website URL and article directory is mentioned accordingly.


KingJacob said...

Also commenting can result in alot of backlinks.

Sacred said...

Hey King Jacob,

This is a very good and true point a well. Where I think a lot of people really focus just the backlink and sometimes forget that content even through or with a comment is a must!

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