Thursday, September 20, 2007

Here Is An Revolutionary Idea

So while surfing the web today, it was very interesting to continue to see this word "revolutionary" being tossed around through a few different avenues. Let's just take for starters the meaning of revolutionary - 1 a: of, relating to, or constituting a revolution <revolutionary war> b: tending to or promoting revolution revolutionary party> c: constituting or bringing about a major or fundamental change <revolutionary styling> revolutionary new product>2capitalized : of or relating to the American Revolution or to the period in which it occurred.

Though, the whole interesting part about this word revolutionary is that I found it quickly used in two popular blogs just in the past few days. The most interesting fact of the matter is that in one particular blog it continues to stress the value and how important words are and can be in headlines and more. In this blog "
Is Hype Good?", James Brausch continues to stress words that are the most valuable. You would not believe what the highest valued word come about to be....that's right it was "revolutionary" scoring the second highest at 47, while the only higher scoring valued word was Paradigm-shifting at 72. We can not forget to that the word "incredible" was tied with "revolutionary" at 47.

So what does all this mean? Well, let's look at my second example. While visiting, one of it his latest blog posts is Are These Wordpress Themes Really Revolutionary? and there is that word "revolutionary" again. To much of a suprise this word revolutionary seems to have a theme going around on the web.

It seems that many people are using this word "revoluationary" to levelage and gain more attention to there blogs, products, and posts. So maybe next time you think about making a new product, service, or something. Make sure it's a revolutionary idea, product, etc!

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