Friday, September 14, 2007

SEO Simple Thoughts

SEO Simple Thoughts

Some Polish President is not really enjoy the internet so much these days. Especially after a 23year old Polish man is facing 3 years in prison for ranking his president #1 for penis. The news first came up on a Polish newspaper “Gazeta Wyborcza” (website is in Polish language)

What to know some of the "nicest blokes in SEO"

Fifty Most Influential Bloggers - Why do you need to know who they are? Because if you want to see the shape of blogging future, the trends that show us where blogging is heading, then these are the "Most Influential Bloggers" to watch and listen to. Their success stories hold for us a key to and an inspiration for our own success.

You can not forget about David my friend you have done it again. Not only is David Airey the best logo designer he is throwing "THEE" biggest online blog competitions I have ever seen. The just of it is that this is his first Blog Aniversary and so he has gathered some of the most amazing items as prizes for the winners (this would be a bloggers dream come true to win!).

Come on really did they think they had a chance or a case. American Blind and Wallpaper Factory agreed to settle its four-year-old trademark dispute with Google out of court. American Blind had filed one of the first trademark cases revolving around Google's AdWords practices concerning trademarks, but it wasn't the last, and there are more in the works. Don't expect the search engine giant to change its behavior any time soon, however.

When is google going to update pagerank again? When is google's next update? Well Matt Cutts with some insight on this matter and more. Did you know that Matt Cutts was part of the Digital Point Forum? Matt Cutts knows his stuff, and you should check out this post if nothing esle.

It's always good to go back to College. SEO Basics is the only place I can think of going back to school. This is the best place to start when seriously beginning SEO work and helps you refresh yourself with the website SEO basics. This means making sure that each individual page is compliant with search engine standards and ready to be indexed correctly. Follow each of the steps below for each page on your site.

So say your trying to learn a little more about link building. So for the average person your going to head over to google and search "link building". So google than shows you two of the top ten results. To the disbelieve you find two top articles that were posted back in 131 (Legitimate) Link Building Strategies posted back in 2002 and The Art of Advanced Link Building posted in 2003. Come on, do you think link building has changed in the past few guesses not or maybe they are just hiding something from you. Nevertheless, these are both must read link building articles.


David said...

Thanks for the kind mention of my prize draw. I've been overwhelmed by the generosity shown by others to sponsor it!

David Airey

Sacred said...


We thank you for throwing such a amazing CONTEST!! I hope all get a chance to enter this huge contest!

Thanks again!


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