Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Top Global Social Bookmarking Sites Around

When you look around the Global internet these days and especially looking at the the ever so growing Social Bookmarking and Social Media sites. While you have some of the big names such as Digg, Reddit, and Netscape. But, what continues to seem to grow is global mimicks of these social bookmarking and social media sites in all kinds of different countries.

So I am here to point out a few international social bookmarking and social media sites that might be a old idea, but in a new language for many.

* menéame - Most reknown social news site in Spanish
* - German version of digg social news community
* Fuzz - French Digg-like community news
* - Polish social news community
* - Iranian Digg
* - Indonesian social news

While, I may or may not be able to fully read and understand every single word on these pages. I do come to appreciate that they all have and are one of the best social media websites in there own lanuage. One great factor that I come to appreciate is the image that all these sites have so no matter what language some still can get an good understanding or at least a picture of the news.

But you ask, why should I care I can only speak and read English? Well, for starters most of these sites still offer a English submissions on there news sites and sites you land on often have English sections. Pictures and brand names are the same everywhere so it does not matter in which language you find them.

Though you might see that some countries are still lacking or missing in this social media or social bookmarking. It's surprising that this could still be a growing market and will have so see what is still out there in these growing countries such as China, India, and the Arabic speaking countries.

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