Friday, September 7, 2007

Article Submissions Suck...Why

So the buzz around SEO is articles submission, and does it really work?

Looking into using article submission for SEO and noticing some of the big time SEO guru's calling out and saying they are not big fans of article submission makes you think and this is how the article "Does Article Submissions Work for SEO?" Comes about...

Some thoughts of why article submission is a poor SEO tactic and why you should publish your articles on your own site as apposed to article sites:

• One of the biggest issues that comes up with article submisison is that fact that you get a link. But, fore example everyone has to come to that site for the link. So say you were to digg your articles that you have submitted. Well, that link is all going to that site and not your own sites.

• Here is the second scenerio, so is stay that you drive tons of traffic to your article that is on a article submission sit, but than you get known to little traffic that actually click through to your own site.

• Did you know that a lot of these article sites are continue to not be trusted by some of the big search engines. Many are not authoritive links, becoming less weighted links, and Suck.

• These article submission sites are becoming over populated, semi spam, and not worth a hoot.

So your asking what's the bright side of all this? Well, don't be totally discouraged as of yet, because we will be passing along a solution to this issue of article submission sucks!

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