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So everyone is talking about SEM and SEO, which one is better? Which one should you be focusing on? Which one should your blog or site be working with? And for some your just asking what in the world is SEM?

To break it down to you SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing which deals more with the advertisers, ad agencies, marketing firms and anyone that owns a web site and has a search advertising budget to pay for sponsored listings on a cpc (cost per click) or ppc (pay per click) basis.

SEO on the other hand is the technique employed by web site owners to make their web site more search engine friendly.

While, everyone continues to state that you should on one or the other, but rarely do you hear that you should do a good mix of both. This is one's first money making mistake for webmasters. This like saying you don't need to diet and exercise but everyone knows that you have to do the two together to see the best results in getting into shape.

Why Does Your Site Need SEO and SEM?

For starters the competition especially with specific keywords that have the potential to pay well are very hard to rank seriously high. For keywords that you can not rank high at, it's best to try and test out using some SEM work. Also, the best way to brand your site which will help you draw instant results than SEM is the way to go. Buying targeted traffic through SEM will help you not only become an instant brand, but also bring in visitors that will either turn out to be faithful visitors or hopefully in most cases a customer that will be interested in your products.

One of the best results of SEM is all the testing that you can do to really figure out what works best for you and your site. Through all the competition out on the web today, it's best to really narrow down what keywords give you the best results. Testing, test, and more test is the best way to go with competing keywords and using SEM.

If your looking to start a SEM project, but don't know where to begin. Well, it woud be in your best interest to start the SEM project using your top 5 keywords. But, when you do this make sure you play a very close attention to your google analytics or analytics software to figure out which are the best and highest converting keywords for your site and in the long run this will help save you money on testing keywords that may not work.

Combining SEO and SEM can really give you a nice leverage over your competition already. So make sure you put both of these to work for you and not against you from someone else.

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