Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Biggest Online Blog Competitions I Have Ever Seen

This is one of the biggest, best, blog competitions that I have ever seen! I can hardly believe what I am seeing. This is just nuts! You can not be serious David Airey. You mean your giving away all this stuff. All, I want to know is how did you work out these kinds of deals?

Well, David my friend you have done it again. Not only is David Airey the best
logo designer he is throwing "THEE" biggest online blog competitions I have ever seen. The just of it is that this is his first Blog Aniversary and so he has gathered some of the most amazing items as prizes for the winners (this would be a bloggers dream come true to win!):

  1. from David Airey himself. He says “Add a touch of professionalism to your business with one of my logo designs”.

  2. from Nate Whitehill, this guy has been doing many great themes, from JohnChow to

  3. from Maki of Dosh Dosh. Now this is something I really need

  4. from John Boardley of . I would say “yes please” to a dedicated server.

  5. by Lorelle VanFossen of . If I don’t win, I will be putting this on my shopping list

  6. from Tara Roskell of Graphic Design Blog. You only need to visit to realise that Tara really knows a lot about great design.

  7. from Randa Clay of Randa Clay Design. If you want some expert advice on how to , you won’t be disappointed by this offering.

  8. with Lyndon Antcliff of Cornwall SEO.

  9. courtesy of Darren Rowse of ProBlogger.

  10. from Jonathan-C. Phillips of . Jonathan has donated his expert skills to help your blog stand out from the crowd.

  11. with Daniel Scocco of . This consultation will cover design, SEO, monetization and blogging strategy, from the author of one of blogging’s most useful resources.

  12. (personal package) from Brian Gardner, and consultant. Brian’s WordPress skills are second to none.

  13. published on Make It Great! with Phil Gerbyshak. The man to ‘make it great’ will and feature you on his very own PR5 blog.

  14. Behringer Podcastudio USB Podcasting Kit, kindly donated by . Looking for a new way to express yourself?

  15. $25 via PayPal courtesy of Gayla McCord of . Free money! Who doesn’t want ? Very kind of you Gayla.

  16. 2GB USB storage key x 3 courtesy of Jamie Clague at . Three USB sticks will make up three separate prizes, with free worldwide postage. Jamie, , has also kindly donated his valuable time to helping with the prize draw administration.

  17. published on Blog-Op with Chris Lodge. Chris knows how to piece together an excellent , giving you an added insight into the impression your website is giving.

  18. from Aaron Russell of miLienzo. Aaron has been coding for a while now and certainly knows his stuff where blog design is concerned.

  19. from Lakshmi Mareddy of Chilligavva. Have you ever had any ideas for your blog that you haven’t been able to incorporate? Lakshmi has kindly agreed to offer her , helping you out with either code or graphics.

  20. Blog review from Hock Ng of . Hock will focus his review on your .

  21. Blog makeover from Charles Jordan of The Queer Chef. Charles is proficient with , and can also . He’ll tantalise your taste buds with one of his blog makeovers.

  22. with Ben Yoskovitz of Instigator Blog. Ben has offered his expertise to review 3–5 of your articles, providing tips and giving suggestions on writing, plus a quick and how you can benefit from it.

  23. Two 45 minute coaching consultations with Mark McGuinness of . Mark specialises in , and is a real expert in his field. The first session will involve goal setting, with the second session reporting on progress and making adjustments.

  24. 4 hour business growth consultation with Rebecca Caroe, via telephone / Skype, or face-to-face in London / Cambridge. Rebecca is a for creative agencies, so if you’re looking to then this is the prize for you. If you want Rebecca to visit your offices simply pay her travel expenses.

  25. Tele-Coaching with Tammy Lenski. A one-hour, private telephone consult with Tammy Lenski. Figure out how to deal with a challenging client, strengthen your , or confront difficult conversations with more confidence and success. Free call within the U.S., via Skype outside the U.S.

  26. One hour with Design Translator (DT) of Design Sojourn. Whether you’re launching a line of t-shirts, custom furniture, electronics, or any other product, DT will lend you his .

  27. with Easton Ellsworth of . You choose, do you want to generally improve your blog or do you want help making money from it? Easton has kindly offered his help.

  28. Two premium quality books designed and produced by David Hyde of . John Hinchcliffe, internationally acclaimed designer-maker, is the subject of the richly illustrated first of two . Crafts in the 20th Century is the second book kindly donated by David.

  29. Copy of by Brad VanAuken of The Blake Project. Brand Aid is a practical how-to guide on building . Derrick Daye was kind enough to offer this great prize.

  30. Watercolour print from Ed Roach Watercolours. Ed has quite a talent, and will graciously ship your favourite print from his watercolour studio.

  31. 728px by 90px banner ad for 30 days above the fold on , courtesy of Sara. This is quite a new , but already there are approximately 5,000 posts! You must supply your own artwork.

  32. 125px by 125px image ad for 30 days on . An excellent donation from , Jonathan.

  33. Ad icon located site-wide in the top left of , courtesy of Chris Lodge. Another kind gift from a fellow .

  34. 30 day text link ad shown site-wide on . This is a great way to . Blogging is about giving something back, so get your contest featured.

  35. 125px by 125px image ad for 30 days on . Another superb offering from Jonathan a.k.a

  36. Lifetime membership to the paid membership site that Andy Beard, and , will launch on (eta and value yet to be determined).

I can not believe it! If you would like to join the contest or just find out more you can click here, but remember you need to get in before September 26th, so do it now! Man, some one is not only going to be a lucky person, but a pretty happy camper come Sept 26th!

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