Friday, September 7, 2007

How To Make Facebook a Valuable Tool Guarnateed continues to grow, and if you have not heard of Facebook yet shame on you. Facebook, is another social networking site similar to the power house Myspace. Though, the with enough twists, turns, control, and versatility to make it unique and addicting.

While many have tested Facebook out as a valuable tool to help either promote, market, or connect with others. For many it seems to be over rated and not worth the time to invest in using this tool.

Why you ask?

Great questions, for starters the biggest problem with all web 2.0 social media sites and driving traffic from these sites are to time consuming and not worth the return in traffic. To make anything worth while traffic would turn into a full time social media junkie, while I am sure there are many out there.

Though, I am sure many people out there could benefit a lot from Facebook, just like many have benefited from Myspace, and the list goes on from there. Through some creative pictures and networking to produce some huge amount of traffic that you will probably start selling on Digital Point Forum.

While for many other business and specific business markets, the social networking sites are a complete waste of time. Seriously, so many people try to justify that using sites like these are work, stop pretending unless your going to put the man hours it takes to make this type of strategic marketing work.

So, your next thought is...Well, I will just go and outsource it on Digital Point Forum. This will just help me get one up on my competition.

However, nothing stops you from outsourcing the legwork, if you're so inclined. But just like everything else it has it's draw back as well.

The biggest issue with social media traffic is it's so untargeted. People using are on these “social” sites do just that socialize, entertainment, free information, and to spam.

There are far so many other ways to target quality traffic through a solid marekting strategy that will be better converting, and out producing anything you could through social media sites. Just a few of the top of my head would be article marketing the correct way, blogging, a few in the actual web 2.0 market (but you have to be select and target).

Though one thing is for sure is that Facebook, Myspace, Stumbleupon and all the other Web 2.0 site will be staying around because the bottom line's just flat out FUN!

People will always enjoy posting there pictures, ideas, activities, videos, etc. People will always enjoy communicating with old and new friends. People will always want to socialized even more using the media of the web as means, and will probably take it to the next level soon.

Though, some have tested and have little no success, while others have used it to make a pretty good profit. Take look at two examples that I have researched:

Michel Fortin - For example, last week my wife Sylvie and I quietly launched our new dual coaching program, Massive Action Mentors.

I posted a brief announcement on Facebook. And for a while, Facebook was a great source of traffic. But the traffic didn't convert well.

In my estimation (and research shows this to be true), people on Facebook were either interested in me personally and looking to connect with me, or simply looking for free content or advice without paying for it.

(Everyday, I get at least 2-3 questions and "pokes" from Facebookers asking me for help or feedback. I don't mind, because I love to help. But I reserve my best and more detailed answers for my paying students.)

The best source of qualified traffic to the coaching program actually came from Internet marketing forums, including my own. Besides, how good will an offer of paid coaching be to a group of people who are looking for free coaching, anyway?

The bottom line, however, is that I wouldn't have known that if I didn't test it.

Neville Medhora - Neville, more know for his Nevblog have much more success with and through facebook. But, it was mostly due to the website that he created that went along with facebook.

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