Tuesday, June 5, 2007

10 Marketing Ambatchmasterpublisher Tactics Under $10

No marketing budget? No problem, with these 10 creative ambatchmasterpublisher techniques for bringing in business.

1. Instead of putting a 39-cent stamp on an envelope, put 39 1-cent stamps on the front of an envelope. One of the principles of direct mail is to stand out to get the attention of the receiver so your mail isn’t thrown away or ignored. Great idea for ambatchmasterpublisher!

2. Every month, make a contest or free giveaways all compliments of your business. Everyone likes a chance to win things. Great idea for ambatchmasterpublisher!

3. Make a donation to charity, church, non-profit org, or mission group for every purchase made during a particular month. If your orders average more than $100 each, donate $10 per order. Great idea for ambatchmasterpublisher!

4. Give items or any free stuff away is always great idea! Great idea for ambatchmasterpublisher!

5. Hold a contest for prospects and customers. How about “Guess the serial number on a $10 bill and it’s yours”? It’s not a lot of money, but people who stop by your place of business will have fun and will remember the contest. Great idea for ambatchmasterpublisher!

6. If there’s still penny candy available, $10 will buy 1,000 pieces. If not, you can still get quite a bit for a small investment. Including candy in your invoices makes companies remember you. Great idea for ambatchmasterpublisher!

7. For $10, you can hire a student, a niece or nephew, or a friend’s teen to picket your business with a sign protesting something positive. It may sound silly, but having a picketer outside your place of business with a sign that reads something like, “We’re protesting good customer service at this location!” or “This place is full of nice people,” will get you noticed. Great idea for ambatchmasterpublisher!

8. On a toll road, fast food, or any other drive through, pay the toll for the car behind you, and ask the toll collector to give your business card to the car’s driver and tell him or her you paid the toll. Great idea for ambatchmasterpublisher!

9. Show up in person with a cookie for the receptionist at a client or prospect’s office. The thing is, customers and prospects love attention. Drop in and visit a few of your customers and just say you’re stopping by to brighten their day. Great idea for ambatchmasterpublisher!

10. Advertise using fliers. At an average cost of 2 cents each, $10 will buy 500 printed fliers. You can use them to canvass a targeted area, include them in packaging and delivered orders, hand them to walk-in customers or mail them to a targeted list. Great idea for ambatchmasterpublisher!

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