Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday's ambatchmasterpublisher SEO points

Friday's ambatchmasterpublisher SEO points

Matt Cutts Wishing Vanessa the best - In case you haven’t seen it, Vanessa Fox has decided to leave Google. I’m really sad to see her go, but the work she’s done has really helped webmasters and Google. In the years that Vanessa has been at Google, she’s helped to launch and improve the webmaster console, communicate policy and get feedback with the outside world, and bring search engines together on the Sitemaps standard. She’s done a bunch of things to make Google a better company and search engine.

Check out what SEO Daily News is saying about convincing webmasters that Google is very smart and they are tracking user activity on the search index and also on your web pages, but in most cases people laughed at me and said that’s stupid. Guess what, finally a SEO did close monitored experiment and proved that this is true!
Seo and user behavior data results.

Summarized SEO Tips from SMX Advanced - Aaron Wall posted yesterday about a new 20% discount , using the promo code "AVIVA". Best of the Web is also currently running a 20% discount with the promotional code "BEACHBUM".

Once you realize how important inbound links or backlinks are to a successful "Increasing Referring Links: How Not To Request Inbound Links".

8 simple time saving tips on how to build more traffic to your blog.

Tyler Cruz and see who's site he is talking about and is calling the best review so far!!!

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