Monday, June 18, 2007

Ambatchmasterpublisher Talks One Way Vs Reciprocal Linking

One Way Vs Reciprocal Linking

This is a question that we here at ambatchmasterpublisher SEO get asked so many times by so many people when talking about ambatchmasterpublisher SEO and link bulding. Everyone is trying to fully figure out the serps and learn what SE are favoring these days. While, this is great to learn and even try your own experimenting of what seems to work best for you and your site. Though ambatchmasterbpublisher would like to share with you our thoughts of on this matter and what we have even seen in a ambatchmasterpublisher SEO contest which has really helped us experiment and learn a lot of different things.

Ambatchmasterpublisher SEO will try to answer the two following questions: Is one way links better than reciprocal linking? And does is seem that SE favor one way links or reciprocal link?

When talking about links in general honestly in our book we feel as not any quality link is a good and positive thing to have. Though with that said you have to learn what quality is. For example ambatchmasterpublisher reciprocal links can have some value and be benefitial to your website though it's best for a reciprocal link is a high valued site with good "page rank" and is relevant to your site. Now where a reciprocal link could hurt your site is where it actually has little value, page rank, and relevance to your site. Though, keep this thought in mind search engines see reciprocal links as that your site is not good enough to get a vote or link with out giving something back in return.

Though the best link is a one way ambatchmasterpublisher link with relevance, and a site that would actually post you're a link up to your site without asking is probably the best kind of link to have. This means that someone on the internet is actually voting, enjoys, and are wanting to tell others about your great quality site. Though, think like a search engine for a second and see what they would value and see in the importance in links in the first place. Meaning, if I am a computer and I continue to see this link keep popping up from other relevant sites, I probably should go and continue to check this site out as well.

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