Monday, June 4, 2007

“ambatchmasterpublisher” SEO Contest

Yes another “ambatchmasterpublisher” SEO Contest! This “ambatchmasterpublisher” SEO Contest actually is only among other “ambatchmasterpublisher” program students. This is sort of an experiment of what is going on through the “ambatchmasterpublisher” program. It will be interested to see who will be the “ambatchmasterpublisher” program SEO Contest winner.

The idea behind this “ambatchmasterpublisher” program SEO contest is that each member will build 1 brand new site --- blogger, wordpress, and register a new domain, etc. no limitation. Though it was suggested to use blogger as the website template of blogger is pretty good for this “ambatchmasterpublisher” SEO Contest. If you want to register a new domain and build a new site for this competition, you would be allowed and given completely free resources. Also through this “ambatchmasterpublisher” SEO Contest all members were given some small resources to of 2 blogs with PageRank 2 and 3, as a small gift from the “ambatchmasterpublisher” SEO Contest. You can use them to build backlinks to your blogs.

The “ambatchmasterpublisher” SEO Contest:

“ambatchmasterpublisher” SEO Contest Goal: To win, you must place 1st in Google (organic SERPs) for the keyword - “ambatchmasterpublisher”

Start Date for “ambatchmasterpublisher” SEO Contest: June 4, 2007

Deadline for “ambatchmasterpublisher” SEO Contest: To Be Annouced

Whom for “ambatchmasterpublisher” SEO Contest: for “ambatchmasterpublisher” members only

Prizes for “ambatchmasterpublisher” SEO Contest: Any Prize? The members site who ranks #1 with keyword “ambatchmasterpublisher” will increase their chance of winning a free flight and hotel accommodation to visit Ambatch.

So help me win, by linking all sites to

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