Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Link Baiting Sucks!

Link Baiting Sucks!

There is this topic about link baiting going all around SEO world. The talk of link baiting is black hat, grey or white? Is link baiting a good practice for your blog? What is is link baiting? And here at ambatchmasterpublisher SEO we are to share with you the good, the ugly, and worst about link baiting and why we think it sucks!

Link baiting is pretty much link building with a few twists. The whole idea of link baiting is your trying to get the links coming to you, instead of you fishing for the links. You start off with your bait and in every case the bait is your article, webpage, content, or whatever it is that you want to get links too.

So the idea is for this story ambatchmasterpublisher says link baiting sucks! Why does ambatchmasterpublisher think that link baiting sucks. Well, you should find out through this article and example.

Some of the best link baiting lures so to speak are News, Contrary, Attack, Resource and Humor.

A News hook is one where you report on industry news. But it's not just a rehashing of someone else's post. It should be unique – either a scoop that no one else has caught, or it could even be a summary of various viewpoints. A news hook could also be comprised of a story you have proved to be false.

Contrary hooks are when you contradict what someone else says. It should be someone prominent in the

For example, if I was to write an link baiting sucks article that proclaimed that everyone's lastest theory on link baiting was stupid and sucked and try to generate a buzz. This would only work if I could make a really big buzz about it.

Recently somewhat of a contrary buzz has been with the Obama girl. This was organically a Hillary Clinton Video contest, but someone has since made a major hit with a music video for or about Obama running for president in 08'.

Attack hooks take the contrary hooks a step further, by launching personal attacks on people taking debates, issues, or trying to make a buzz to prove people wrong. Another great example of this recent "attack" could be Rosie O'Donell

A Resource hook is more of an informational page. It's one that aggregates a bunch of information and distills it for visitors.

In fact this site is much like that. We take a bunch of news, distill it to its most meaningful and then provide our interpretation of what it means. Then, others pick up on the article and either repost it, or at least link to it.

Finally is a Humour hook. With this link bait you post jokes, funny stories, weird or funny pictures that you've found or anything else that will warrant a review from others and hopefully a link.

There are tons of blogs devoted to this such as the Obscure Store & Reading Room and Small Town Misfit which scour the web for weird and funny stories and then display them, encouraging others to link to them. And it must be working – Small Town Misfit has over 1,600 Yahoo! Links while Obscure Store has over 1,700.

So if you were ever worried about the amount of link building you'd have to do to become an "authority" consider link baiting in your arsenal. It can be a very effective way of building links quickly and easily. Also, its an effective way to build your reputation and brand online as more and more people learn about you through these links.

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