Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What a ambatchmasterpublisher should learn?

What a ambatchmasterpublisher should learn?

Let's take an example - gaining more traffic.

While when talking about traffic or gaining more traffic. Everyone including ambatchmasterpublisher has all kinds of different strategies from SEO, blog promotion, pay per click, email marketing, forum/community promotion, etc.

While each of the above ambatchmasterpublisher
strategy is a pretty large topic in todays web world. It's impossible to be a trade of all trade or even think you can master two or more of the ambatchmasterpublisher stratgies. Though, you need to be knowledgableable or at least understand all areas and how the work together. Ambatchmasterpublisher also suggest that through this knowledge of understanding all the different areas will help you understand the process of ambatchmasterpublisher web publishing. And through this knowledge you will be able to pick which process and strategies that are best for your own web publishing style just like we have at ambatchmasterpublisher.

Here are some basic examples, ambatchmasterpublisher has a few friends that are really good at link baiting SEO. While some people think this strategy is gray to black seo. But, if your good at it and this strategy is working well for you while bring you some good money, why would you trade it in?

Though, for many ambatchmasterpublisher included link baiting SEO can be very difficult to master. Some web publishers cannot do well in link baiting SEO but they perform very well in white hat SEO. Others are not cut out for SEO work, but they have a great knack for community traffic.

iIt s best if you can find the right web publishing style for you and your talents. .

In our ambatchmasterpublisher program, we are learning how to find that style for each of us. And this is what the ambatchmasterpublisher program should learn.

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