Monday, June 18, 2007

Jim Westergren Is A SEO Guru

Jim Westergren is also very successful and popular SEO guru and is a great quality SEO writer. He has written many popular articles in the filed of Search Engine Optimization, Link Building and Online marketing. Apart from his professional life, Jim Westergren also takes a lot of interest in Philosophy and a very adorable fiction and short story writer. He has written a lot essays about his philosophy and you can read them in his personal site.

You may want to check out Jim Westergren Personal Site to learn about him and his ideas. In fact, you can learn everything about Jim in his personal site, starting from his life, his philosophy, to his favorite novels and quotes. You can also read many nice fiction short stories written by Jim in his site. If you are a newbie SEO or a wannabe SEO expert, you sure should read his SEO and Link Building articles.

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