Thursday, June 7, 2007

Tyler Cruz An Internet Entrepreneur’s Journey

Tyler Cruz is making a name for himself. Tyler Cruz is a 23 year old Internet entrepreneur whose livelihood comes mainly from the advertising sales made through his web sites. His blog is currently ranking in at 14,306 on Technorati and ranked 5 on google. His Alexa Ranking: 40,353. He is currently averaging $256 per day which is a good income for a home-based business.

Tyler’s blog, An Internet Entrepreneur’s Journey, this great entrepreneur talks and shares all about his experiences (both positive and negative) in his business. It’s interesting that he talks about his failures as well. Most people would prefer to showcase their successes and gloss over their challenges. This is just a reflection of Tyler’s honesty and a genuine desire to help others avoid the problems that he has encountered.

Tyler continues to hand out quality information, entertaining posts, and just down to earth advice to any entrepreneur though most is geared towards on how to build a successful blog or web site. What he says comes from real world experience as a successful web entrepreneur. It really is worth paying attention to if you are building a business on the Internet.

Tyler makes most of his money through various forums on poker, movie reviews, cooking, and several others. The web sites that interest me the most are and PublisherSpot.

PublisherForums has forums on the major affiliate programs and other subjects that would be relevant to web-based businesses, such as web development and management, and financial forums so that you can learn how to manage all of the money your making.

PublisherSpot provides ad network reviews of various Internet ad network companies. It describes each company and user’s review them. This gives you a good idea of customer satisfaction with the service which could be a factor in determining who you sign up with. I find it very difficult choosing which company to affiliate with and PublisherSpot is an incredible resource in helping me make these decisions.

Tyler Cruz’s web sites, and especially his blog, are worth viewing frequently. He is on his way towards great wealth and I hope that he continues sharing his experiences and ideas with those that are still on the early stages of their Internet venture.

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