Monday, June 4, 2007

Kelvin Hui's 'ambatchmasterpublisher Program' is officially launched

Kelvin Hui's 'ambatchmasterpublisher Program' is officially launched.

"This ambatchmasterpublisher program is a university style teaching course, which focuses a lot on practical experience training and tutor-to-student one on one tutorial, rather than one way information delivery. More importantly, students can keep in touch with us even after they graduate", says Kelvin.


Sales Letter

ambatchmasterpublisher Program sales letter title:
"ambatchmasterpublisher Program 8.2

Walk With Kelvin Hui

Course Prospectus

Michael Shang of Ambatch System says, "ambatchmasterpublisher progrma is not any normal program but a university level course prospectus ambatchmasterpublisher.


1) Training up an independent ambatchmasterpublisher publisher from newbie level in 3 months;

2) Looking for future ambatchmasterpublisher partners who will co-develop publishing projects with Ambatch and ambatchmasterpublisher.

Most Valuable Components

1. We provide university style structured training --- homework submission + tutorials

2. We provide person-to-person special care. All students will get our MSN contact. The MSN will be opened from Monday to Friday for 2-3 hours, apart from public holiday. If you are newbie, you can ask very elementary question. If you are advanced player, you can consult very advanced traffic strategies.

ambatchmasterpublisher Program 8.2

The ambatchmasterpublisher Package Includes

- Roadmap to Publishing Success (Course Textbook)

- Search Engine Optimization Package

- World Class Websites Case Studies

- Business Kickstart Kit

- Assignment Review

- Premier Mastermind Group

- Outsourcing Service By Kelvin's BEST In-House Programmer

- Ambatch MSN (Instant Messenger) Contact

- Free - Return Flight Ticket + Hotel Accommodation + Internship

Materials Delivery

All ambatchmasterpublisher materials are available for electronic download.

Course of ambatchmasterpublisher

- From 7th May to 29th July 2007.

Refund Policy

- Experience are non-refundable! Please consider carefully before you join our ambatchmasterpublisher course. Thanks!

The fee for ambatchmasterpublisher Program is: $1995

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ambatchmasterpublisher Program Sales Letter

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